Who are the titushki

The word "tityshki" was born in May 2013 in Ukraine and became popular six months later against the background of the events following the change of power in this country. So they began to call young people of athletic build, secretly used for political purposes as mercenaries to organize violent provocations, fights, and other actions with the use of physical force. Subsequently, this term, undoubtedly carrying a negative connotation, spread to all parties to the conflict. Provocateurs (including athletes) are used for demonstrative power actions by various political forces in Ukraine, while representatives of pro-government circles and initiators of mass street protests use the term "titushki" in relation to their opponents

And the titushki start theirs from the name of the athlete from Belaya Tserkov Vadim Sergeevich Titushko, who on May 18, 2013 in Kiev, first guarded a rally of the Party of Regions with friends, and then participated in fights against the opposition and attacked journalists Olga Snitsarchuk and Vladislav Sodel. The attack was filmed by photojournalists, which served as the main evidence of his guilt in court.

Titushko Vadim Sergeevich 1993 year of birth. A nickname among friends is "Vadik Romanian", a member of the Belaya Tserkov sports club "Budo". Has been engaged in martial arts since the age of 8, hates gopniks, supports Euromaidan. According to Vadik himself, during the conflict he did not beat anyone, but simply defended himself.

Vadim was convicted and received a prison term of 3 years, but the sentence was changed to 2 years probation. Soon, journalists identified a number of other participants in the attack on the protesters and journalists. Despite the attempt of Vadim Titushko's lawyers to prohibit the word "titushki", the word was fixed in the language circulation with a negative meaning