Stay with your nose

Hearing the expression "stay with your nose", you can imagine a person who wanted to rip off their nose. but then they decided to leave alone. However, our organ of touch has nothing to do with this phrase ...

It turns out that the roots of the expression stay with the nose are lost in the distant past. In the old days, bribery was very common in Russia. Neither in institutions, nor in court could a positive decision be achieved without an offering, a gift. Of course, the word "bribe" did not call these gifts hidden by the supplicant somewhere under the floor. They were politely called "bringing" or "nose", from the word "wear." If the manager, judge or clerk took the "nose", then one could be sure that the case would be favorably resolved.

In case of refusal, and this could happen if the gift seemed small to the official, or if the offer from the opposite side had already been accepted, the petitioner left with his "nose" home. In this case, there was no hope of success. Since then, the words "stay with the nose" began to mean "to fail, fail, lose, stumble, having achieved nothing.