What is Kolomna verst

Very tall people are often jokingly called "Kolomna verst". But where did this expression come from? The roots of this catch phrase go back to the distant 17th century, during the time of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, whose summer residence was in the village of Kolomenskoye near Moscow. Here, on May 2, 1667, by order of the sovereign, a grandiose wooden palace was solemnly laid. The size of the building amazed contemporaries: in the country house of Alexei Mikhailovich there were 270 rooms and 3, 000 windows.

It was ordered to build an appropriate road to such luxurious mansions, too: smooth, with good bridges, not like the usual Russian bumps. In addition, every 700 fathoms a tall pillar was erected indicating the distance to the palace. Considering that the standard verst of that time was much less and was equal to only 500 sazhens or 1, 06 kilometers, people jokingly distance between these road pillars "Kolomna verst". And over time, they began to call the tall man.

Despite the fact that the expression "Kolomenskaya verst" is still found, the village of Kolomenskoye is no longer there. In August 1960, it received a "metropolitan residence permit" and is now part of the Southern Administrative District of Moscow.

Source: www.comics.ru, dic.academic.ru