Procrustean bed

This winged expression comes from ancient Greek myths. According to one of the legends, a robber named Polypemon, who had the nickname Procrustes (in Greek "stretching"), lived by the road and tricked travelers into his house. When it was time to sleep, he put them on his bed, and for those who were short, he cut off their legs, and for those who were big, he stretched their legs to the length of the bed.

But one day the maniac himself had to lie down on his bed. Unfortunately, he met Theseus, an invincible hero and the son of Poseidon himself, the god of the seas. Not recognizing the guy, the robber decided to lure him into a trap. But Theseus twisted him, knocked him down on a bed, which, of course, turned out to be too short for a giant, and cut off Procruste's legs, and then completely killed him.

Over time, the expression "Procrustean bed" became winged and means a desire to fit something under a rigid framework or an artificial standard, sometimes sacrificing something significant for this.