When to come to the mother-in-law for pancakes

Not every son-in-law knows on which day of Pancake Week to come to his mother-in-law for pancakes. By tradition, the mother-in-law invited her son-in-law to her on Wednesday. The woman tried to appease the husband of her beloved daughter and prepared various treats. Pancakes were undoubtedly the main attribute of the festive table.

On the day when they go to the mother-in-law for pancakes, all disagreements and family contradictions are forgotten. This is a celebration of carefree fun and a variety of delicacies. Hence the name "Wednesday - gourmet". The participants in the feast had to eat a hearty meal. After all, this is the last week before the beginning of Lent!

To please her son-in-law, the mother-in-law cooked from the best products. It was believed that if a man does not like pancakes, then the family will face troubles and difficulties. In the old days, families often had many children, and the mother-in-law had several sons-in-law. The woman had to work hard to prepare a hearty table.

In turn, the son-in-law also tried to show how important this holiday is for him. For a visit, the young man chose his best outfit. And since in most cases families were of low income, he went to visit in his only elegant attire - a wedding suit. For a gourmet, when the son-in-law goes to pancakes, other guests are also invited to the mother-in-law.

After the festive feast, the festivities continued. Young people united in groups and rode sleds, horses, and in the evening they organized joint gatherings.