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  1. A cheat sheet is, of course, prohibited, but quite popular among students and schoolchildren. It's time to talk about her on the eve of the exams. No one can say for sure - when the first cheat sheets appeared. And there is even no consensus about what this word means.
  2. Some argue that the word "cheat sheet" means "cheat sheet". That is, having prepared for the answer with the help of a cheat sheet, answer quickly and without hesitation. This version of the "cheat sheet" also looks quite convincing - from the Polish word "szparga", translated into Russian - "an old scribbled piece of paper." There is a similar word in Latin, "sparganum" - "diaper".
  3. Even Charlemagne, ruler of the Franks in the late 8th - early 9th centuries, used the cheat sheet. The fact is that the formidable ruler of a mighty state could neither read nor write. But, some documents signed by Charlemagne have survived even to our time. It turned out that a special sample of the signature had been prepared for him. Whenever a decree needed to be approved, Karl carefully copied his own name and title from the cheat sheet.
  4. In 2007, an unusual exhibition was held at the University of Nuremberg, Germany. Visitors could see a huge collection of cheat sheets, which had been collected by the mathematics teacher Gunter Hessenauer for 40 years. To replenish his unusual collection, Hessenauer not only took them from students, but even after the exams he did not hesitate to look into the trash cans in search of another exhibit.
  5. In Leonid Gaidai's comedy "Operation Y", a student nicknamed Dub tried to pass the exam using a transmission device. It all ended in failure. It is interesting that such attempts were not only in the cinema. Recently in Israel, a 19-year-old young man decided to apply something similar in his driving theory test. He carried a video camera, headphones and a radio transmitter into the auditorium. And his accomplice was next to the building where the exam was taking place. And here it all ended sadly - the examiners discovered the trick and called the police.
  6. Nobel laureate Albert Einstein studied at school does not matter, everyone knows it. But even as a famous physicist, Einstein used a multiplication table cheat sheet. And one day he could not remember the number pi and used the reference book. When he was reproached for this, he replied - why keep everything in your head if there are reference books?
  7. Rossiyskaya Gazeta once conducted an interesting survey - which of the famous people used cheat sheets? It turned out that many. For example, director Roman Viktyuk remembered that he wrote the answer in the palm of his hand. But something happened that he did not expect: it was summer, heat, and everything written on his hand simply disappeared.
  8. There is information that the British, thanks to a cheat sheet, were able to defeat the Colombian national team at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. When it came to penalty kicks, England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford was handed, along with a bottle of water, a note containing information on which corners of the goal Colombia players were most likely to hit. It is difficult to say how useful the information was, but England won on penalties.