Physicist Niels Bohr's home had a free beer pipeline

"I dream that the sea was with beer." What lover of a foamy drink does not know this hit of the group "Dune"? Of course, this seems to be a fantasy, beer seas, as well as milk rivers with jelly banks in nature simply do not exist. But the beer pipeline is no longer a dream, but a reality. Such a pipeline with beer, and free, was in the house of the famous Danish physicist Niels Bohr.

The brewing company "Carlsberg" was famous in Denmark not only for the quality of its drink, but also for its wide sponsorship activities. For example, back in 1911, the company paid for training abroad for the young but very talented physicist Niels Bohr, and in 1920, with the support of the same Karlsberg, Bohr opened the Institute for Theoretical Physics in Copenhagen.

Real fame came to the scientist in 1922, when he was awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize for his achievements in the study of the structure of the atom. Grateful compatriots, proud of their fellow countryman, literally inundated him with gifts. But the most pleasant surprise for Niels Bohr came from his longtime patron, the Carlsberg company. The management of the brewery presented the Nobel laureate with a house located next to the brewery. But that's not all: from the brewery to the house, a pipeline was installed through which fresh beer was supplied 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, it was enough to turn the tap. Moreover, the drink was absolutely free. The scientist was a shy person, he often refused gifts, but he could not resist such a temptation. It is not surprising that scientists from all over the world loved to visit Niels Bohr's house, tasting fresh beer and admiring the generosity of patrons.

In 1961, the Danish physicist, who was already well over 70 years old, visited the Soviet Union, where he had the opportunity to taste the pride of Soviet brewers - beer Zhigulevskoe. Naturally, he was immediately asked if he liked our drink? The elderly scientist smiled slyly and said: “The main thing is that this is not Tuborg. He immediately explained that in Denmark "Carlsberg" finances physicists, and "Tuborg" - the humanities. Scientists try not to upset their patrons, therefore, they drink only "correct" beer.

By the way, in 1993 the Karlsberg beer company opened its own museum, which is located in the building of the very first factory, built in 1847. Here you can taste 26 types of beer, as well as get acquainted with the history of the company. For example, see the brewing machines of the 19th century and the cars that transported beer many years ago.