8 myths from childhood

1. The brain is only working at 10 percent of its potential. How often have we heard from parents and teachers that 90 percent of our brains are completely wasted. However, recently it turned out that this is not at all the case. Scientific studies show that the cerebral cortex works very actively, even during sleep, this is what scientists explain fruitful dreams: writing poetry in a dream and even making discoveries.

2. Brain cells grow and divide only during adolescence. In fact, the change and growth of brain cells continues into old age. Thus, every person in adulthood is able to build up his intellectual potential.

3. Nerve cells are not restored. Thanks to this "catch phrase" from TV, many people actually think so. But, imagine, these cells are quite capable of regenerating, and a person who takes care of his health is able to bring the nervous system in full order.

4. Dead people continue to grow hair and nails. In fact, after death, all life processes cease. The body begins to intensively lose fluid, the corpse dries out, and as a result, the nails appear longer. Well, the hair fell into this myth for greater intimidation.

5. If you swallow gum ... There are several different variations: either it will lie undigested in the stomach all its life, or the intestines will stick together. So many of us were scared by our parents as children. However, in reality, nothing bad will happen: the chewing gum is successfully digested and excreted from the body.

6. Quickly lifted is not considered dirty. A widespread nonsense: if you pick up a fallen product within five seconds, then microbes will not have time to get on it and you can safely eat it. But, of course, a fraction of a second is enough for any bacteria to be on the fallen food.

7. A coin thrown from a skyscraper can kill a person. Scientists from America came up with the idea to check this statement. They conducted an experiment by throwing objects from a tall building and measuring their falling speed. It turned out that air resistance and wind slow down the movement of the coin and injure, let alone cause death, it cannot.

8. Lightning does not strike the same place twice. No one knows where this myth originated, but lightning just love to strike their favorite places. For example, lightning strikes the Empire State Building in New York about 25 times a year.