Interesting facts about youth

The substance genistein, which is found in soybeans, is capable of restoring youthfulness and elasticity to the skin, and also prevents heart disease, British scientists have found. Studies have shown that the use of genistein in the body increases the content of protein, which gives elasticity and firmness to the skin. This protein is depleted with age.

About 50% of the world's population in the middle of the 21st century will be people under 30 years old. Most boys and girls will live in third world countries

Youth is considered to be an eccentric, merciless and even depraved age. Young people themselves perceive their age as transitional, namely: 1) as a kind of "advance" for the future; 2) as the right to make mistakes; 3) as the age of permitted thoughtlessness.

Stable weight is the main condition for maintaining youth.

Weekly walks of 9-14 kilometers in youth help preserve memory in old age.

Young people have a better short memory, while older people have a long memory. That is, they remember and learn new knowledge faster, but they also forget it quickly.

The largest number of marriages is between the ages of 22-25.

Water prolongs youthfulness, smoothes the skin and removes wrinkles.

The birth of children at a young age (under 25) doubles the chance of these children to overcome the 100-year mark.

At the age of 20–25, we have the greatest visual acuity, the best color sensitivity and the fastest motor reactions.

According to the WHO, young people eat poorly: they rarely eat fish, dairy products, but they lean on fast food and ready-made snacks stuffed with preservatives.

40% of new HIV carriers are people aged 15-24.

Every human cell is regenerated, but then an error creeps into the regeneration program, which is why aging occurs.

As many as a thousand young people die every day in the world due to road accidents, more than 500 - at the hands of another person.

There is a rare disease called protegeria, which causes changes in the skin and internal organs, which are caused by premature aging of the body. Even young people look like decrepit old people. Only about 100 people in the world suffer from this disease.

Youth is the only period in a person's life when society complacently forgives him his mistakes, because this age is trying in its psychological task. You can make a mistake in choosing a job, when creating a family, but you have a chance to start over again.

2 times more often women fall in love with a man's youth.

Young people are more likely than middle-aged people to get sick with multicolored and ringworm, vegetative-vascular dystonia, venereal diseases, women - pelvic inflammation caused by infection ...

At the age of 28 - 33, at the end of the period of youth, a crisis of "the meaning of life" sets in.