What is duty cycle

The duty cycle is a dimensionless physical quantity that characterizes any impulse system. It is denoted by the letter S and is determined by the ratio of the period of the pulse signals T to their duration. In addition, there is also the inverse duty cycle, it is called the duty cycle and is denoted by the letter D, and in English it is called the Duty cycle.

If the pulse length is equal to half the period, then duty cycle is equal to two, such a signal is called a square wave. The duration of such an impulse and the pause between impulses in the period are equal. The duty cycle can be expressed as a percentage and is an important characteristic of a pulsed system, since it determines the ratio of the peak power of a pulsed installation to its average power. Insufficiently high duty cycle of discrete information processing systems leads to its distortion.

Source: chipdip.ru