Interesting facts about gravity

The property of objects with mass to be attracted to each other is called gravity.

Gravity keeps the Earth and other planets in our solar system in orbit around the sun. It also keeps the moon in orbit around the earth.

The tides are caused by the rotation of the Earth and gravitational effects press on the water in the part of the planet that faces the Moon or the Sun.

Because Mars has a lower mass than Earth, a 100 kg person on Earth weighs 38 kg on Mars.

It is believed that the law of universal gravitation was invented by Isaac Newton when an apple fell from a tree on his head.

In the Middle Ages, the law of gravity described the laws of gravity, but modern physics uses the general theory of Albert Einstein to describe gravity.

The acceleration of objects due to gravity on Earth is about 9.8 m / s2. That is, when you fall, your speed increases by 9.8 meters every second.

The forces of gravity at an altitude of 100 kilometers from the Earth are 3% less than at the surface of the Earth.