Interesting facts from the life of Ptolemy

Claudius Ptolemy lived in Alexandria in 150 AD. This great scientist of antiquity was diversified and had a great influence on the development of many sciences. His most famous works that have survived to this day are:

1. Astronomy: Ptolemy's Almagest is one of the most important works in ancient astronomy. Interesting fact, he described the geocentric model of the universe. The movement of the Sun, Moon and planets around the Earth is described. It also contains a catalog of stars with their brightness on a logarithmic scale. The work was published in 13 volumes.

2. Geography: Ptolemy described world geography at that time in his book called Geography. The maps given by Ptolemy covered 180 degrees of longitude from the Canary Islands to China, and 80 degrees of latitude from the Arctic to the East Indies.

3. Astrology: Ptolemy's treatise on astrology is known as the Tetrobible. The book greatly influenced the practical development of astrology. Ptolemy abandoned methods that had no logical basis and also believed that astrology was not a completely reliable science. There were four books in this treatise.