How the comedy "Carnival Night" was filmed

There are things without which it is impossible to imagine the New Year holidays in our country. For example, a tree, Olivier salad, tangerines. And, of course, the famous comedies of Eldar Ryazanov - "Carnival Night" and "Irony of Fate". Moreover, Ryazanov started shooting "Carnival Night" by chance, while he did not even imagine that his comedies would be so popular in the Soviet Union.

In the fifties, a young graduate of VGIK, Eldar Ryazanov, dreamed of a career as a documentary filmmaker, his films were released one after another: "They study in Moscow", "October Road", "The World Chess Championship". Themes, I must say, are far from the comedy genre. But, in 1956, the director of "Mosfilm" Ivan

Pyryev invited him to film the script of Vladimir Polyakov and Boris Laskin. The script itself has been gathering dust on the shelves for several years, none of the directors was eager to take on the shooting of this comedy, considering it unpromising.

And Ryazanov was not delighted with such a proposal, he had completely different plans, work on the dramatic film "Meetings in Kamchatka". But Pyriev was persistent, and Ryazanov had to start filming without much enthusiasm. As it turns out, it is thanks to the comedy "Carnival Night" that Ryazanov will be known throughout the country.

And Ryazanov began his work by seriously reworking the script. Then the selection of actors for the role began. The debutant director had to work with famous masters of cinema. For example, Igor Ilyinsky was invited to play the role of director of the Ogurtsov House of Culture, although Ryazanov himself planned to give this role to theatrical actor Pyotr Konstantinov. Pyryev was adamant on this issue - only Ilyinsky would play the bureaucrat Ogurtsov.

Igor Vladimirovich Ilyinsky took the filming very seriously. in one of the episodes he had to get live pigeons out of his pocket instead of a report. Ilyinsky practiced this trick under the guidance of the illusionist Igor Kio. despite his mature age, Ilyinsky tried to independently perform all the tricks, even the most dangerous.

Lyudmila Gurchenko in the comedy "Carnival Night" also appeared thanks to Pyriev. While Ryazanov was looking for an actress for the role of Lenochka Krylova, Pyryev had already approved Gurchenko's candidacy. But the young actress coped with her role remarkably, the picture became popular largely thanks to the talent of 21-year-old Gurchenko. Even though this was only her second film work, a little earlier Lyudmila starred in the film by Jan Frida "The Road of Truth".

one of the most colorful actors of the comedy "Carnival Night" was undoubtedly Sergei Filippov in the role of the lecturer Nekadilov. His famous phrase: "Is there life on Mars?" quickly became winged. Throughout his long acting career, Filippov almost never played the main roles, but any of his appearance on the screen, even in an episode, became a real treat for the audience. Several years ago, Yuri Filippov, the son of an actor, co-authored with Tatiana Greenwich, wrote a book about his father. And it was called "Is there life on Mars ..."

The shooting of the New Year's comedy took place in the summer of 1956 at the theater of the Soviet Army. At this time, the troupe was on tour, the building was vacant, therefore, most of the film was filmed here. The work on the comedy "Carnival Night" was carried out in record time, in just five months.

The Arts Council, having barely watched the first snatches of it, decided that the film would not be a success, it is too boring and naive. But, they decided not to stop shooting, the young Ryazanov was allowed to finish the work. And Eldar Aleksandrovich himself, even many years after filming, said that the picture became popular due to the actual topic. The "Ogurtsovs" who "are peremptory and illiterate trying to lead" have always been and will always be.

There was no special advertising for the film before its release. The premiere took place at the very end of 1956 - December 28. And soon the audience was already storming the box office to buy a ticket for this film. In 1957, the picture was watched by about 50 million viewers. And Igor Vladimirovich Ilyinsky said to Lyudmila Gurchenko: "After this picture you will be very popular. Get ready ..." Some time after the premiere, an unusual letter from Africa came to Lyudmila Gurchenko.

The prince of one of the countries of the Black Continent offered the young actress a hand and a heart.

50 years have passed since the release of the picture, and the director Ryazanov shot the film "Carnival Night - 2, or 50 years later." This film was also shot very quickly, from September to December 2006. Instead of Ogurtsov, the House of Culture has a new director - Kabachkov. And instead of Lenochka Krylova, another girl works in the recreation center - Alena Krylatova. Despite the fact that the premiere of the film was fueled by powerful advertising, the remake could not become as popular. As you can see, you cannot enter the same river twice.