Interesting facts about the movie "Office Romance"

In 1971, Eldar Ryazanov and Emil Braginsky wrote the play "Co-workers" in just one month. Performances based on this play were staged throughout the country with great success. Then the authors thought about making a film on this topic. In October 1977, the premiere of the comedy titled "Office Romance" took place, the success was incredible, in a few months cinemas, where this film was shown, was visited by about 58 million viewers. And in 1979 the film received the State Prize of the RSFSR named after the Vasilyev brothers.

10 Interesting Facts About Comedy Office Romance

  1. The film was also shot very quickly, in just two months. Fortunately, Eldar Aleksandrovich Ryazanov was given the green light: to approve the actors for roles without tedious screen tests and lengthy approvals with the artistic council. Eldarov quickly decided on the performers of the main roles: the role of the idiot Novoseltsev was entrusted to Andrei Myagkov, whom the audience fell in love with after the release of the comedy "Irony of Fate". And for the role of Lyudmila Prokofievna Kalugina, Alisa Freundlich was invited. It is interesting that Oleg Basilashvili, who played Samokhvalov in the film, dreamed of another role - Novoseltsev.
  2. The main characters had to be worked on thoroughly. Andrei Myagkov was given the appearance of a clerical loser - weak-willed and lacking in initiative in old-fashioned glasses with rough frames. And for Alisa Freundlich, they were looking for the most shapeless clothes throughout the film studio. And the operator Vladimir Nakhabtsev borrowed glasses for her from his father. As a result, single father Novoseltsev and "mymra" Kalugin began to look exactly the way the director wanted it.
  3. The secretary Verochka speaks to her husband on the phone several times during the entire film, and the actor Alexander Fatyushin appears on the screen only sporadically. But he, according to the script, was the secretary's husband, and in the original script he was assigned a more serious role, but in the midst of filming the actor received a serious eye injury, so he remained only in those short episodes that they managed to shoot. And Verochka's husband spoke in the voice of Oleg Basilashvili.
  4. Colleagues decided to give a bronze horse to an employee of a statistical institution named Borovskikh. And this horse became a real "star" of Soviet cinema. In addition to "Office Romance", he can be seen in such films as "The Diamond Arm", "Old New Year", "Package" and even in one of the episodes of the legendary Soviet TV series "Seventeen Moments of Spring". The list of paintings is far from complete. And now the horse is kept in the storerooms of Mosfilm.
  5. Deputy Kalugina Yuri Grigorievich Samokhvalov had a luxurious Volga car. And the actor himself has never been able to drive a car. even intensified training with an instructor did not help. Having barely got under way, Basilashvili drove into the Soyuzpechat booth. And he even feared that the amount of damage would be withheld from his filming fee. Everything ended well, they did not punish the debutant driver.
  6. The characters spend most of the film in their home institution. But, in fact, the shooting took place in three different rooms. The entrance to it was filmed on Petrovka Street, house 3/6, the interior of the institution was built at Mosfilm. But the roof of the building, which could be freely accessed from the office of Lyudmila Prokofievna, is located at number 10 in Bolshoy Gnezdnikovsky lane.
  7. The leaders of Kalugin and Samokhvalov live in prestigious houses in the center of the capital. But Samokhvalov's apartment is located in a modest two-story building. This is house number 4, building 1 in Chernyshevsky lane. It was built at the very end of the 19th century; at that time, the manor of S.A. Meyer was located here. And Olga Ryzhova gets to Moscow along the Yaroslavl direction.
  8. Most of the filming took place in September 1976. That year, indeed, the first snow in Moscow fell very early, on September 25, when the leaves on the trees were still green. In the entire history of meteorological observations, snow cover in the capital was not recorded so early. This snowfall is included in the film. And the words of the song "Nature has no bad weather", which sounds in the comedy, was written by the director Eldar Ryazanov, however, to the composer Andrei Petrov, who wrote the music, Ryazanov said that this is a translation of the poems of William Blake, an English poet. Soon the work became a laureate of the Song-78 competition.
  9. During a quarrel, Novoseltsev slaps his old friend Samokhvalov in the face. But, the blow turned out to be somehow unconvincing, I had to shoot several takes. As a result, angry at the setbacks, Andrei Myagkov hit Basilashvili much harder than planned. But, it was this blow that entered the film.
  10. In 1978 "Office Romance" was recognized in the Soviet Union as "Best Film of the Year", and Andrei Myagkov and Alisa Freindlich became the best actors of the year. But the prize named after the Vasiliev brothers was awarded to the director, actors, screenwriters, cameraman. But Alisa Freundlich was left without a reward. Shortly before that, she received an award for her work in the theater, according to the rules of that time, a new one could be presented no earlier than two years later.