Interesting facts about the comedy "Sportloto-82"

The history of the appearance of the famous comedy by Leonid Gaidai "Sportloto-82" is very interesting. In 1970, the state (there were no others at that time) lottery "Sportloto" appeared in the Soviet Union. Despite the fact that gambling in the USSR was not particularly encouraged, this lottery had a noble goal - to finance Soviet sports. Moreover, the country's government in the late sixties thought about the possibility of holding the Summer Olympic Games in Moscow.

In 1974, our country achieved this right - the IOC decided to hold the 1980 Olympics in the capital of the USSR. This means that great hopes were pinned on sports lotteries, because they brought substantial sums to the state budget, therefore, they could cover part of the costs of holding a grand sports event.

The Olympics in Moscow, indeed, became a real holiday, despite the fact that many capitalist countries did not send their athletes to the USSR, explaining their decision with a protest against the introduction of Soviet troops into Afghanistan. And after the end of the Games, the popularity of the lottery began to decline. The situation had to be saved with the help of cinema, which, in Lenin's words, is "the most important of the arts."

Moreover, in April 1980, screenwriter Vladlen Bakhnov, in collaboration with director Leonid Gaidai, completed work on the script for a film with an unpretentious plot: policeman Kostya Lukov met the girl Tanya on the train and presented her with a Sportloto lottery ticket. Well, then everything is in the best traditions of the genre - of course he won a ticket, moreover, a fabulous sum of 20, 000 rubles for those times.

In February 1981, the script was approved and work on the film began to boil. For the role of Kostya, the actor of the Theater of the Young Spectator Algis Arlauskas was approved. But the role of his fellow traveler Tanya was initially planned to be entrusted to Larisa Udovichenko, but the artistic council suggested Gaidai to find another actress, although Udovichenko also took part in the making of the film, voicing the role of the secretary of the tourist center. And the role of Tanya went to the young actress Svetlana Amanova. True, she, a natural brunette, had to lighten her hair.

8 interesting facts about the movie Sportloto-82

  1. In the film, Kostya goes to rest with his aunt in the city of Yuzhnogorsk. In fact, it simply does not exist, and the shooting of the picture took place in the Crimea: in Alushta, Adler and Feodosia. Earlier, in these places, Leonid Gaidai worked on the painting "Prisoner of the Caucasus", an observant viewer could notice this. The Yuzhnogorsk station, where Kostya arrived, is actually located in Feodosia. And on the stone, around which the heroes of the film wander in search of a way to the Mangal station, Natalya Varley danced in the "Prisoner of the Caucasus".
  2. On the train, all four traveling companions read the same book, Detective Genian Zeleny, Murder. In fact, such a writer did not exist, most likely, this is a clear allusion to another master of the detective genre - Yulian Semenov.
  3. San Sanych and Styopa endured fear during a trip to the camp site with a reckless motorcyclist. The shots really turned out to be breathtaking, and a real professional was driving the motorcycle - Konstantin Demakhin, one of the best stunt directors in the USSR on cars and motorcycles. In 1972, he was a participant in the World Speedway Championship, for over 30 years he was engaged in stunt work. The bottle trick, which the heroes of the film tried to catch up with on a motorcycle, was filmed for more than three hours.
  4. Even in warm Yalta, it was not easy to find oranges, but the enterprising San Sanych, played by Mikhail Pugovkin, brought several boxes for sale according to the script. They had to make fake fruit, and only one orange turned out to be real, with which A. A. Murashko "tortured" his partner Stepan.
  5. Stepan, wearing fins and a mask, dived into the sea at Cape Plaka, where the Utes sanatorium was at that time. And he "emerged" in a completely different place - near the village of Novy Svet. The distance between these two objects is substantial - about sixty kilometers.
  6. On their way to the station Mangal, Kostya, Tanya and Pasha had to run across the burning bridge. But they were provided with complete safety: the bridge consisted of two parallel parts. One of them, indeed, was on fire, while the other was free to walk.
  7. The Sportloto-82 movie was an excellent advertisement for sports lotteries. But not only "Sportloto" was advertised in it, Kostya Lukov treated Tanya to the drink "Baikal" on the train, assuring that it was much better than the imported "Pepsi". Excellent advertising of domestic products!
  8. On August 2, 1982, the film premiered. Despite the fact that critics called Sportloto-82 an openly weak film, more than 55 million Soviet viewers watched it in the first year. Some of the critics believed that this was a clear continuation of Shurik's adventures in the south. Only in this film Shurik's name is Kostya, and Nina's name is Tanya.