Goiko Mitic - the main "Indian" in the USSR

Films about Indians were extremely popular in the Soviet Union. This is understandable, because they told about the heroic struggle of the indigenous population of America with the pale-faced conquerors. And who was the most popular "Indian" in the USSR? Of course, Goiko Mitic is a person who did not have a drop of Indian blood.

The future actor was born in Yugoslavia in 1940. Serb by nationality. During the German occupation, Gojko Mitic's father joined the partisan detachment and soon died. Upbringing Goiko and his brother Dragan fell on the shoulders of their mother and grandparents. Growing up in a peasant family, Goiko was distinguished by good health, therefore, after graduating from school, he decided to enter the Belgrade Institute of Physical Education. He never dreamed of a career as an actor.

We can say that Goiko got to the set by accident. The poor student needed money, so he decided to make some money at a film studio, where stuntmen were needed. He was readily accepted, the years of study at the physical culture institute were not in vain, and the figure of the guy could compete with titled bodybuilders.

In 1961, the screens out the picture "Lancelot and the Queen", Mitich's role was episodic, but the producers noticed him. They decided that the young athlete has every chance of becoming a famous actor, and not limited to performing stunts and tiny roles.

Why did Goiko Mitic become popular in the image of the Indian? There are several reasons: for example, the directors noticed that outwardly Mitic is very similar to an Indian. But, one similarity was not enough, the performance of such roles required good physical fitness from the actor. For example, to be confident in the saddle. For Mitich, this was not a problem, he grew up in the village and first sat on a horse at the age of six.

What else was required from an actor - an "Indian"? Drive the canoe with confidence. And here Gojko Mitic was suitable in all respects - he was a member of the Yugoslav national rowing team, in addition, he was engaged in mountaineering and knew how to shoot a bow. In 1966, Mitic moved to East Germany to work at the DEFA film studio.

In 1966, he starred in the film "Sons of the Big Dipper", the next year in the most popular film with his participation - "Chingachgook - Big Snake". Well, then the films went one after another: "The Trail of the Falcon", "White Wolves", "Osceola". All the pictures are even difficult to remember. But the directors were sure of one thing - shooting Gojko Mitic in another film about Indians is already a guarantee of success.

Probably, in no other country in the world did Goiko Mitic enjoy such popularity as in the Soviet Union. It was comparable only to Arnold Schwarzenegger in the late eighties, when thousands of Soviet guys went to the "rocking chairs" to become like "Iron Schwarz". Interestingly, in the sixties and seventies, bodybuilding in our country was not particularly welcomed, but an exception was made for Mitich. The magazine "Soviet Screen" even published a set of exercises that allowed Mitich to maintain excellent shape.

The actor himself said that he never smoked, therefore, filming with the "pipe of peace" was a torment for him. By the way, the actor was fluent in Russian, as he taught it at school.

Gradually, interest in films with an Indian theme began to fade, and the actor switched to filming in serials. But the Soviet audience remembered him, first of all, as the "Indian" Goyko Mitic.