Where did Zhdun come from - the story of a sculpture that became a meme

Everyone is familiar with this cute creature with a sad face, which is called Zhdun. And how did it appear, do you know? It turns out that Zhdun's story began several years ago in Holland. The Leiden University Hospital decided to cheer up visitors and patients and announced a competition to create a sculpture that they decided to put in the courtyard of the children's hospital. The grant was won by the young artist Margrit van Brevort, who invented Zhduna.

Margrit van Brevort

Margrit pondered for a long time about the theme of the future sculpture, since she did not want to depict something related to medicine or disease. In the end, she drew attention to the people who are sitting in line to see the doctor awaiting a diagnosis, and decided to dedicate her sculpture to patients.

And she made the right decision - the character who was later named Zhdun came out completely alive. Looking at this legless gray creature with the head of a northern elephant seal, the body of a giant larva and the arms of an elderly man who sits on a chair in the waiting room, I want to hug him and say that everything will be OK.

Everyone liked the sculpture so much that in 2016 it became the most photographed attraction in the city of Leiden. But the unfortunate idun won the greatest popularity on the Russian-speaking Internet, becoming one of the most popular Internet memes thanks to one Russian girl.

In January 2017, a Russian-speaking tourist noticed the sculpture near the children's hospital, photographed and published it on the popular Pikabu website, after which the photo was picked up by publics on social networks, and then by Russian and Ukrainian media. On the Internet, the statue was named Zhdun (in the Ukrainian version - Pochekun).