Worst movie in the world

Since 1981, every year in Hollywood, the day before the Oscars, there has been a distribution and anti-awards for the worst acting, script, directing, film song and film. As you may have guessed, this is of course ... Golden Raspberry.

Over 500 film critics from around the world award five-dollar, gold-colored plastic raspberries to the film industry's failures and losers of the year. Over the years, both famous actors and budget films did not fall under the distribution.

So, according to the results of 1997, for the first time in the history of the award, Kevin Costner's film "The Postman" "won" in all five nominations in which it was presented - the worst film of the year, the worst actor, the worst direction, the worst script and the worst film song.

But this peculiar record was broken in 2012, when the American film "Such Different Twins" set an absolute record - it received 10 anti-awards:

  1. Worst Film
  2. Worst Actor (Adam Sandler)
  3. Worst Actress (Adam Sandler)
  4. Worst Supporting Actor (Al Pacino)
  5. Worst Supporting Actress (David Spade)
  6. Worst Director
  7. Worst-case scenario
  8. Worst screen pair
  9. Worst Ensemble Cast
  10. Worst sequel, remake or plagiarism

In a word, this comedy received absolutely all the worst nominations of the year!

Finally, perhaps it is worth adding a spoonful of honey to this story. Despite all the negative reviews of film critics, and the absolute record for winning an anti-Oscar nomination, the film, with a budget of $ 79 million, managed to collect almost twice the box office at the box office, or rather $ 149.6 million.