What was the name of the artist from the song "A Million Scarlet Roses"

The song "A Million Roses", written on the verses of Andrei Voznesensky and performed for the first time by Alla Pugacheva, has become one of the most popular songs of the decade. But who served as the prototype for the artist in love, or was it a fictional romantic story?

It turns out that the poem, and then the song, is based on the legend about the famous act of the Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani, who had an unrequited love for the actress Margarita (probably a Frenchwoman), who shone on the stage of Tiflis at the very beginning of the 20th century. This is how it was ...

... This summer morning at first was no different from the others. The sun rose from Kakheti just as inexorably, flaming everything around, and donkeys tied to telegraph poles sobbed. The morning was still dozing in one of the alleys in Sololaki, a shadow lay on the low wooden houses, gray from time to time. In one of these houses, small windows on the second floor were open, and Margarita slept behind them, covering her eyes with reddish eyelashes. In general, the morning would be really the most ordinary, if you did not know that it was the morning of Niko Pirosmanishvili's birthday and if it were that very morning in a narrow alley in Sololaki, carts with a rare and light load did not appear. The carts were loaded to the brim with cut flowers sprayed with water. This made the flowers look like they were covered in hundreds of tiny rainbows. The carts stopped near Margarita's house. Talking in an undertone, the apostles began to remove armfuls of flowers and dump them on the sidewalk and pavement at the doorstep. It seemed that the carts brought flowers here not only from all over Tiflis, but also from all over Georgia. The laughter of the children and the exclamations of the housewives awakened Margarita. She sat up in bed and sighed. Lakes of smells - refreshing, tender, bright and tender, joyful and sad - filled the air. Agitated Margarita, still not understanding anything, quickly dressed. She put on her best, richest dress and heavy bracelets, tidied up her bronze hair and, as she dressed, smiled without knowing why. She guessed that this holiday was arranged for her. But by whom? And on what occasion?

At this time, the only man, thin and pale, decided to cross the border of flowers and slowly walked through the flowers to the house of Margarita. The crowd recognized him and fell silent. It was a beggar artist Niko Pirosmanishvili. Where did he get so much money to buy these drifts of flowers? So much money! He walked towards Margarita's house, touching the walls with his hand. Everyone saw how Margarita ran out of the house to meet him - no one had ever seen her in such a splendor of beauty - hugged Pirosmani by the thin, sore shoulders and pressed against his old checkman and for the first time kissed Niko hard on the lips. Kissed in front of the sun, sky and ordinary people.

Some people turned away to hide their tears. People thought that great love will always find its way to a loved one, even if it has a cold heart. Niko's love did not conquer Margarita. So, at least, everyone thought. But still it was impossible to understand whether this is really so? Niko himself could not say this. Soon Margarita found herself a rich lover and fled with him from Tiflis.

The portrait of the actress Margarita is a witness to beautiful love. A white face, a white dress, touchingly outstretched arms, a bouquet of white flowers - and white words laid at the feet of the actress ... "I forgive the whites, " Pirosmani said.