What are the movie formats

CamRip (CAM) - Lowest quality. The film is recorded by a camera from a cinema screen. Some films show the heads of other moviegoers, etc. The sound quality is different, there may be interference such as audience laughter.

Screener (SCR) - Second place in quality. For this, a professional press videotape is used.

DVD Screener (DVDScr) - Same as Screener, but taken from the promotional DVD. Promotional DVDs are usually released without additional materials, subtitles. Sometimes (completely optional) on the dvd screener there are counters, black and white inserts, inscriptions.

TeleSync (TS) - Recorded by a professional (digital) camera mounted on a tripod in an empty cinema from the screen. The video quality is much better than with a simple camera (Cam). Sound is recorded directly from a projector or other separate output, such as the headphone jack in the seat (like on an airplane). This way, the sound is very good and without interference. Usually the sound is in stereo.

TeleCyne (TC) - this is when a copy is made from a film using special equipment (most likely at night and the projectionist is in share).

The quality here can be different, from good to indistinguishable from the original DVD !!!, depends on the equipment used, the sound is excellent.

VHS-Rip - rip made from VHS cassette. Differs in oversaturation of colors (typical for VHS). In addition, there are horizontal stripes and picture jitter in the film - defects of jammed film or loss of tracking. On the edges, you can see characteristic VHS noises - white specks and stripes.

DVDscr - when they finish making films, they send copies to distributors, to "offices" like Oscars or Grammys, so they ripped off from there. The quality is excellent and the sound is excellent, the only drawback is that during the film there is "left" information on the type of time counters or running inscriptions, which is only for internal use, and even with humor half of the film is color, the second is black and white (sometimes alternating)

DVDRip and LDRip - this version is made from DVD or LaserDisc. The quality is the best of all of the above. Such releases are released after the release in cinemas with the release of DVDs.

BDRip and HDRip - Best Movie Quality! Made with licensed BluRay and HD-DVD discs!

TVRip and SATRip are rips from television and satellite. The quality depends on the hardware, software and skill of the ripper. On them you can see the logos of the corresponding TV or satellite channels.

VHSScr - the same as DVDScr only from video cassette.

There is also the so-called "digitization" - this is TS or TS, but the film is run through a computer, it is lightened, aligned, extraneous noise is removed, etc. By the way, the quality is often very good.

Workprint (WP) - A special candy for movie lovers. This is the so-called "Beta" version of the movie. Usually comes out in VCD format and much earlier before the show in cinemas around the world. This is a preview of the film. Because of this, everything can be expected. From super quality to complete sludge. Some scenes are often missing. However, it may be such that there are all the scenes, and then they will be cut out ... You can find out such versions by the timer at the top or bottom of the screen - it is needed for subsequent editing.