The longest film in the world

Did you know that the film titled "The World's Longest and Most Meaningless Film" directed by Anthony Scott in the genre of underground (underground film) has absolutely no plot and lasts 48 hours.

No filming was made specifically for the film, the motion picture consists of cuts of other films that were not released for some reason, advertising blocks and other frames that cannot be called anything other than "cinematic rubbish". In some parts of the film, you can see a repeated commercial, which lasts about 30 minutes. And sometimes the picture is completely turned upside down, or the action begins to move backwards.

The World's Longest, Most Meaningless Film premiered in the summer of 1968 at The New Arts Lab. After that, in 1969, the tape was shown at the festival of experimental art Cybervironment Plus, and in October 1970 at the French Cinematheque. I wonder if any of the viewers were able to watch this film to the end at least with going to the toilet and eating breaks?

Despite the title, "The World's Longest, Most Meaningless Film" is currently ranked only fifth on the list of longest films:

1. Modern Times Forever - Danish Cinematography, Denmark, 2011, 14, 400 min.

2. Cinematon - Cinematography of France, France, 2010, 9120 min.

3. Matryoshka - Cinematography of Germany, Germany, 2006, 5700 min.

4. Cure for insomnia - Cinematography USA, USA, 1987, 5220 min.

5. The longest and most meaningless film in the world - Cinematography of Great Britain, Great Britain, 1968, 2880 min.

6. Four Stars (film) - USA, 1967, 1500 min.