How the sculptor Klodt took revenge on the emperors

Klodt makes horses better than a stallion - such a dubious compliment was given to the famous sculptor Nikolai I. It was at the opening of the sculptural ensemble "Taming the Horse" on the Anichkov Bridge. The emperor probably did not know that he should be more careful with the proud Frenchman. Baron Pyotr Klodt turned out to be extremely vindictive ...

Years passed, and it was he, Klodt, who was instructed to create a statue of the emperor, already deceased by that time. Of course, the monument had to be equestrian. The maestro did his job superbly: his rider even surpassed the "copper" one, because the horse under Nicholas keeps only on two points of support! Nobody in the world could have done this before Klodt. However, remembering the previous grievances, the sculptor nevertheless took revenge on the monarch: on the neck of Nicholas he wrote a Russian word of three letters, which everyone in Russia knows. This inscription is still alive.

It was not new to Pyotr Ivanovich Klodt to deal with enemies through his sculptures. Passing along the Anichkov bridge, once again pay attention to the Klodt horses: an ardent anti-Bonapartist, a sculptor in his own spirit "pricked" the "frenzied Corsican" by rapping a Napoleonic profile between the legs of one of the horses.

Source: "AiF-Petersburg" №14 (189) - April 1997