Unusual restaurants

In 2015, Tokyo resident Sekai Kobayashi opened her restaurant. Anyone can dine in the restaurant, even if he has no money. You just need to work out a 50-minute shift in the kitchen, and instead of paying, get your well-deserved portion. It is not surprising that the institution is very popular with students who have the opportunity to eat in a restaurant and not spend money.

At Big Texan Steak Ranch Amarillo in the United States, you can eat 2kg steak for free. True, there is one prerequisite - you need to absorb it in one hour, otherwise you will have to pay for the dish.

In the Amsterdam restaurant "Eenmaal" all tables are designed for one visitor. This is the audience that this establishment is oriented towards, the bulk of its clients are those who like to dine alone.

In the Finnish commune of Kemi, located in Lapland, there is a restaurant made entirely of ice and snow. The temperature in this establishment is minus 5 degrees. Visitors are offered traditional Finnish dishes of salmon, venison and cranberries. The restaurant operates only in winter, therefore, it is rebuilt anew every year.

The Guinness Book of Records includes a restaurant located at the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It is located on the 122nd floor. Height from the ground - 422 meters. It is the world's tallest restaurant.

Fans of oriental martial arts can visit the Ninja restaurant in New York. The setting here is reminiscent of a medieval Japanese village. And visitors are led to the table through a winding underground labyrinth. Waiters serve customers in ninja costumes, in full combat gear.

The Kuappi Iisalmi restaurant in the Finnish town of Iisalmi is the smallest in the world. It has only one table and two chairs. Therefore, a place in Kuappi Iisalmi must be reserved in advance. The area of ​​the restaurant is also small - about 8 square meters, moreover, half of this is a kitchen and only 3, 6 metro lines are a dining "hall". This unusual institution is located in an abandoned railway booth. But there is a main advantage - all the attention of the staff is focused on a single table.

At the Rising Sun Chinese restaurant, customers are allowed to yell at the waiters, throw a glass or plate at them, or just hit them. True, all this rudeness is paid separately and, on average, cost the client from 50 to 300 yuan. And this is 8-50 US dollars. Every woman dreams of feeling like a princess. This opportunity is provided by the restaurant "Princess Heart" in Tokyo. Visitors sit on thrones with a crown on their heads, and waitresses in maid outfits. It is not surprising that there are practically no empty seats here.

There are no waiters at the Hajim restaurant in Bangkok; they are being successfully replaced by robots rolling around the hall with trays. They can not only bring an order, but also, at the request of the client, sing or dance.

The Eat restaurant in New York is completely quiet on Fridays and Saturdays. On these days, visitors are strictly prohibited from speaking. The violator will be punished - he is sent to finish the dish on the bench next to the restaurant.