Interesting facts about Alenka chocolate

An interesting fact: Alenka chocolate appeared by the decision of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. In early 1964, at a meeting of the Central Committee of the CPSU, issues related to the development of the country's agriculture were discussed. The leaders of the party also paid attention to the Soviet children: confectioners were given the task of launching chocolate into production, which, with high quality, would have an affordable price.

Soon, a chocolate recipe was developed at the Krasny Oktyabr confectionery factory that met all the requirements of the batch. But, making chocolate was easier than solving the question - how to arrange the packaging? Since the new development of Soviet confectioners was named "Alenka", it was decided to place a reproduction of Vasnetsov's painting "Alyonushka" on the wrapper, but it turned out that this brand was already taken.

It was decided to turn to the citizens of the USSR for help: a photo competition was announced in the newspaper Vechernyaya Moskva for the right to be called the “face” of Alenka chocolate. The editorial office was simply overwhelmed with pictures. In the end, the winner was a photograph sent by the artist Alexander Gerinas. The photo, which was taken back in 1960, showed his eight-month-old daughter Lena.

By the way, there are also many versions of why the name “Alenka” was chosen for chocolate. Some claim that in honor of the daughter of Yuri Gagarin, others are sure that in honor of the daughter of Valentina Tereshkova. But there is another assumption - this is just a common name in the country, without any connection with any individual person.

The artist Nikolai Maslov worked on the photograph of Lena Gerinas, and since then, the wrapper of a chocolate bar has been decorated with an image of a blue-eyed girl in a kerchief. Several years ago, the already grown-up Elena Gerinas filed a lawsuit against the Krasny Oktyabr factory, demanding to pay her a large sum for copyright infringement. The trial lasted more than two years, and ended not in Elena's favor. The examination showed that the drawing on the wrapper is not an exact copy of the photograph, which means that the copyright has not been violated.

Chocolate brand "Alenka" was very popular in the Soviet Union, and not only. With good quality, a 100-gram tile cost only 80 kopecks. At the same time, there were no artificial additives in the chocolate. According to the recipe, which was approved in 1967, in the production of this chocolate used cocoa liquor, powdered sugar, milk powder and cream, vanilla essence and a thinner.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, “Alenka” acquired many “relatives”. They began to produce, for example, chocolate "Kuzya, friend of Alenka", "Mischievous Alenka", "Alina". Many companies tried to make money on the popularity of the Soviet brand.