Snickers chocolate bars named after a horse

One day, the owner of the chocolate factory, Frank Mars (yes, Frank immortalized his name in another favorite delicacy of millions of people - the Mars chocolate) decided to release a new line of chocolate bars, and named a new product after his favorite horse - Snickers (Snickers- means “quiet whinnying ). By the way, the horse is said to have died a few months before the mass production of the "signature" chocolate bar began.

The basis of the chocolate bar is a filling made on the basis of nougat, covered with peanuts and chocolate, enclosed in milk chocolate. This classic line-up has remained unchanged since 1930.

According to research, Snickers is the most popular bar among young people - about 400 delicious chocolates are eaten every second around the world. And every fifth teenager buys sweets every day - as a snack.

For each bar, 16 nuts are always used. Well, since about 15 million pieces of chocolates are made every day around the world (of which there are already several types, differing mainly in size), the consumption of peanuts is approximately 99 tons daily.

Interestingly, the bar was originally sold under the name Marathon in the UK and Ireland. This continued until 1990, when Mars decided to change the name to worldwide. So today "Snickers" is called the same everywhere.

The calorie content of Snickers chocolate is 507 kcal per 100 grams of product. Due to the high calorie content and despite the small size, you quickly fill up on them. You can argue with a friend that he does not eat 10 sneakers at a time. The winnings will be 100 percent yours.

By the way, for the same reason, Snickers became very popular during the fighting. During the Chechen War, chocolate bars were the militants' favorite staple food, and during the Gulf War, American soldiers had snacks on them.

Once doctors sounded the alarm: daily consumption of sweets can negatively affect people's health! And then the manufacturers decided to reduce the total weight of the treat by 7%. At the same time, the cost of the bar remained the same. According to them, this was done specifically as a concern for people's health - to reduce the level of carbohydrate and fat intake in adolescents.

However, taking care of the health of the nation, the founders of the corporation did not want to reduce production volumes. From under the conveyor every now and then chocolates come out ... An interesting fact: if you put all the bars made in the last 5 minutes on top of each other, the height of the improvised tower will be equal to the Parisian Eiffel Tower!