Interesting facts about energy drinks

In the early 1980s, Austrian citizen Dietrich Matesich invented and started producing a new drink that temporarily energized and invigorated even better than coffee ... Today, Red Bull covers about 70 percent of the energy drink market.

Without exception, all "energy drinks" contain caffeine. The effect of energotonic lasts for 3-4 hours, unlike coffee, which lasts only for a couple of hours.

All energizers are highly carbonated, as this contributes to the faster assimilation of the components and the rapid onset of the effect.

All energotonics are divided into two categories: some have more caffeine, others - vitamins and carbohydrates. "Coffee" drinks are suitable for hard-core workaholics and students who work or exercise at night, while "vitamin-carbohydrate" drinks are suitable for active people who prefer to spend their free time in the gym.

Energy drinks contain rare B vitamins. Depression and drowsiness are caused by a lack of neurotransmitters in the body - substances that transmit impulses from one nerve cell to another. The amino acids in energy drinks make up for this deficiency. It is better to drink guarana energy drinks than instant coffee, since guarana does not irritate the stomach lining. The vitamins contained in energy tonics cannot replace the multivitamin complex.

Energy drinks should not be drunk by children, pregnant women and people with cardiovascular diseases. It is better not to mix energotonics with alcohol. After all, caffeine and alcohol are antipodes: the first invigorates, and the second relaxes. In addition, caffeine enhances the effects of alcohol on the brain.

Energy drinks contain carnitine. It is a natural component of human cells that promotes the rapid oxidation of fatty acids. Carnitine enhances metabolism and reduces muscle fatigue.

Energy drinks contain taurine. It is an amino acid that is stored in muscle tissue. Every day a person with food receives 200-300 mg of taurine. It is believed to improve the function of the heart muscle. Recently, however, opinions have appeared among physicians that taurine does not have any effect on the human body at all. But for whom it is really useful is for cats: almost all canned food for fluffy pets contains taurine.

Guarana and ginseng, also found in these drinks, are medicinal herbs with tonic properties.

Do not exceed your daily dose of caffeine - that's about two cans of the average energy drinker. Taking more than two cans in a row can harm your health: the body's resources are already exhausted, and therefore, instead of the desired effect, you will experience side effects. P

At the end of the energetic action, the body needs rest to restore resources. Do not use after exercise - both increase blood pressure.

Who knows what the safety margin of your circulatory system is? A lethal dose for a person is about 10 g of caffeine (150 cans of energy tonics) Remember that by consuming energy drinks, a person is deceiving his own body. They are really invigorating, but this is an artificial vigor. But if you accept them, then do it at least competently.

In December 2010, alcoholic energy drinks containing caffeine were completely withdrawn from the market throughout the United States based on a government statement that they were harmful to health.