Interesting facts about crab sticks

As you probably already know, crab sticks are not made from crab meat at all, although they resemble it in appearance and smell. They are also called "imitation crab meat" - a type of food that is artificially created from processed fish protein surimi or crushed white fish meat.

Composition of crab sticks:

The main ingredient is surimi - ground fillets of white oceanic fish (pollock, hake, blue whiting) from the North Pacific Ocean. Crab sticks entering the Russian market are produced, as a rule, in the CIS countries or China. Most of the Chinese products purchased by Russia do not contain surimi, but consist of vegetable (soy) protein, starch and egg white, as well as flavoring additives. Monosodium glutamate is usually used to enhance aroma and taste.

Interesting Crab Stick Facts:

Since 1993, manufacturers have been legally required to label their crab sticks flavored.

The Japanese company Sugiyo Co invented crab sticks called Kanikama in 1973. The need to create them arose in connection with the reduction in the number of crabs, which are an important attribute of the cuisine of this country.

In the CIS countries, crab sticks appeared for the first time in 1991.

It is best not to freeze crab sticks in the refrigerator as they contain a lot of water.