The drink that replaces all meals

An American has invented a drink that replaces all food!

A 24-year-old from the USA, completely tired of wasting energy and time cooking and absorbing it, decided to create a cocktail that contains all the nutrients you need to survive.

Rob Rhinehart, an Atlanta-based programmer, has developed an all-in-one drink that provides a full range of vitamins and minerals.

The drink has a great taste, according to the inventor, and for 6 weeks he still has not bothered him. In addition, despite the content of important elements of a balanced diet, it contains only a third of calories.

Rhinehart's cocktail idea was inspired by a family friend who was admitted to the hospital after he had lost a lot of weight and was too weak to cook. In addition, the man set himself the goal of living as economically as possible, but at the same time being healthy.

"I started reading biology books and started thinking that maybe it doesn't matter for our cells whether we get nutrients from powder or carrots."

The drink, which the inventor called Soylent, contains vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, amino acids, fats and other important ingredients.

As fats, he uses olive oil and fish oil, carbohydrates - oligosaccharides, which are absorbed by the body longer than fructose and sugar, and give a longer boost of energy. Probiotics and antioxidants are also added to the cocktail.

“Food for me is like leisure, like going to the movies, but I don’t want to go to the movies three times a day, ” explained Reinhart.

Plus, this solution helps the guy save several hours a day and hundreds of dollars a month. If earlier it took him about $ 220 to buy groceries, and about $ 250 to eat out, now he spends no more than $ 50 a month.

He also claims that it is easy for him to lose weight by changing the proportions of the ingredients in the drink. The American hopes that his invention will help solve the problem of world hunger.

The chemical composition of this drink:

proteins - 50 g

carbohydrates - 200 g

iodine - 150 mcg

calcium - 1 g

iron - 18 mg

fat - 65 g

potassium - 3.5 g

sodium - 2.4 g

magnesium - 400 mg

zinc - 15 mg

fiber - 5 g

chlorine - 3.4g

copper - 2 mg

selenium - 70 mcg

manganese - 2 mg

chromium - 120 mcg

molybdenum - 75 mcg

vitamin A - 5000 IU

vitamin B6 - 2 mg

vitamin B12 - 6 mcg

vitamin C - 60 mg

vitamin D - 400 IU

vitamin E - 30 IU

vitamin K - 80 mcg

thiamine - 1.5 mg

nicotinic acid - 20 mg

biotin - 300 mcg

pantothenic acid - 10 mg

riboflavin - 1.7 mg

folic acid - 400 mcg

Additional non-essential ingredients of the drink:

omega-3 fatty acids - 750 mg

ginkgo biloba - 100 mcg

lutein - 500 mcg

alpha carotene - 140 mcg

vanadium - 100 mcg

lycopene - 500 mcg

ginseng - 50 mcg