Interesting facts about Napoleon cake

Napoleon cake in Russia, known as "Millefeuille" (1000 layers) in Italy and France, called "Vanilla Slice" in Great Britain, "Tompoes" (Tompus) in Belgium and the Netherlands and "Királyi francia krémes" (translated as French royal crèmes) in Hungary are extremely popular and loved all over the world, as they resist this delicacy, which is The thinnest sheets of puff pastry soaked in the most delicate cream cannot be used not only by children, but also by adults.

According to polls conducted by the International Chefs Association, Napoleon cake ranks first among the most desired and loved cakes. Every modern housewife has her own secret recipe for making this dessert, but few people know that in fact the true recipe and history of the invention of this treat is unknown, while there are several more or less reliable versions.

In Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union, the history of the creation of the Napoleon cake is usually associated with the personality and trace in the history of the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. According to one of the most common versions, the first recipe for this amazing delicacy appeared in 1912 - on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the liberation of the capital of Moscow from the French.

This anniversary was celebrated on a special scale - appropriate costumes were sewn, shop windows were decorated, poems on a patriotic theme were written - everything was imbued with the spirit of a majestic victory. This topic was not spared from cooking - a new cake appeared, made up of a large number of thin layers smeared with sweet cream. The shape of the cake was a square that was cut diagonally. These layered triangles enjoyed extraordinary success, and since the well-known Bonaparte in the minds of a Russian person has always been associated with a cocked hat (triangular hat), being baked with it not only in paintings, but also in literary works, then this name was quickly fixed for the cake, which has survived to this day, although the shape of the cake has become rectangular.

According to another version, the recipe for the cake was invented by Napoleoni Bonaparte himself, when Josephine unexpectedly found her loving husband flirting with one of her ladies-in-waiting, playfully whispering something in her ear. Jealous Josephine demanded an immediate response from her husband about what was happening. The brilliant emperor was not at all confused and immediately came up with an answer that he was only sharing the recipe for the cake he had invented with a reliable person.

Having instantly come up with an interesting composition and method of making a confectionery, Napoleon convinced his wife of the innocence of what was happening. Quite by chance, one of the marshals of France was a witness to this conversation, who that same evening told the whole Versailles about the amazing recipe, and the court chef prepared this masterpiece for the table the very next day - and the success of this cake was overwhelming.