Interesting facts about chips

Potato chips were invented in 1853 in Saratoga Springs, New York. Interestingly, a chef named George Crum invented potato chips by accident. The fastidious client did not like the thickly sliced ​​fried potatoes; in revenge, the chef cut the potatoes into thin slices and, after frying, served them to the client. The mischievous visitor was delighted with such a dish and the chef realized that he had made a new discovery in cooking.

When George Crum opened his own restaurant, he put a basket of potato chips on every table and called them Saratoga Chips.

Interesting fact, chips based on dry mashed potatoes were first produced by Pringles in 1969. They were the same size and shape and were packed in sealed bags.

The popularity of chips has reached such an extent that March 14 is celebrated as Potato Chips Day.