The strongest and most expensive beer

The strongest and most expensive beer in the world called "The End of History" has 55% alcohol. Bottles of 330 milliliters cost $ 765 and can only be stored using a special freezing technique.

One of the founders of the British brewery BrewDog, James Weth, said: "This beer means the end of all other beers." (what a brat)

The company was criticized last year for launching a 32% alcohol beer in the market, but foodies started a whole hunt for high-alcohol beers, so a German brewery produced a beer with 40% alcohol and then the market turned out to be beer with 41% alcohol. This swill tastes like whiskey and should therefore be drunk with caution. Interestingly, this beer is rated as the most disgusting of all.

It is somewhat unclear what all this is for, because it is good to drink beer in a company during a casual conversation, and not to get drunk to death. However, the end of this story could be the beginning of a new philosophy for beer.