Interesting facts about waterfalls

Interesting facts "Geography" Interesting facts about the waterfalls

  1. Angela Falls, a tributary of the Caroni River in Venezuela, is the highest in the world. The water here falls from a height of 1054 meters. The waterfall falls down from Mount Auyantepui, which in translation from the Indian sounds like "the mountain of the devil."
  2. On the Bjelvefoss River in Norway, water falls from a height of 866 meters. The highest waterfalls in the world are also Yosemite - on the Merced River in California (USA) - 792 meters and Sutherland on the Arthur River in New Zealand - 580 meters.
  3. However, the most majestic waterfalls in the world are by no means the tallest. The African Falls Victoria, 120 meters high and 1.8 kilometers wide, is the only one in the world with a height of over 100 meters and a width of over a kilometer. The noise of this waterfall can be heard from 15 kilometers away. Huge clouds of water dust are visible at a distance of 18 kilometers.
  4. Victoria and Niagara Falls are the most powerful waterfalls in the world. Since the flow of water constantly erodes and destroys the ledge from which it falls, all powerful waterfalls gradually move up the river channel.
  5. Niagara Falls every second throws 6 thousand tons of water from a height of 50 meters. Niagara in Indian means "rumbling water". The noise of the waterfall is heard at a distance of 25 kilometers. Niagara Falls annually shifts due to the destruction of the rock mass by 80-90 centimeters, and during its existence, it has moved about 10 kilometers. At this rate, it will disappear in about 20, 000 years.
  6. In Russia there is a whole valley of waterfalls called "Thirty-three waterfalls on the Dzhegosh stream", it is located in the Caucasus, not far from Sochi. The waterfalls here are no higher than 10 meters, and the length of the entire cascade is about one and a half kilometers.
  7. There is a "bloody" waterfall in Antarctica - its jets are rusty-red, and the reason for this is the high concentration of iron oxide in the water. The unusual waterfall flows from the Taylor Glacier, and its source is an underground lake covered with 400 meters of ice.
  8. There are waterfalls not only on land, but also at the bottom of the world's oceans. It is extremely difficult to study and observe them, but it is known for certain that there are at least 7 such waterfalls. They arise in places with a difficult bottom topography, due to the difference in temperature and salinity of the water. The largest underwater waterfall is located between Greenland and Iceland, in the Gulf of Denmark. Its dimensions are impressive - the height is 4 kilometers, the length is 200 kilometers.
  9. The largest complex of waterfalls in the world is called Khon. It is located in Laos and is 10 kilometers wide.
  10. Norway is a real country of waterfalls, there are more than a hundred of them. Interestingly, 3 of them are among the ten highest waterfalls in the world.
  11. During seasonal migration, birds are often guided by the sound of waterfalls along the way.
  12. On the border between Argentina and Brazil, the Iguazuya Falls complex is the most powerful in the world and consists of 275 individual falls. About 2 tourists visit it annually. In 1978, these falls were completely dry due to a prolonged drought.
  13. The highest man-made waterfall, Cascata delle Marmore, was created by the ancient Romans. The total height of its three sections reaches 165 meters.