Sentinelians - a primitive tribe of the XXI century

In our age of computer technology, it is difficult to even imagine that somewhere on the planet there is a tribe whose lifestyle is not much different from that of our distant ancestors in a primitive society. But, there is such a tribe, and it lives near the coast of India - in the Bay of Bengal on the North Sentinel Island.

The area of ​​this island is small, about 72 square kilometers. But no one can accurately name the population, the local Sentinelese tribe is extremely reluctant to make contact with "outsiders". The population of the island is approximately 250 people. However, this figure is arbitrary, some researchers believe that no more than 50 people live here, others claim that no less than 400.

In 1974, a film crew arrived here, hoping to establish contact with the local population and make a documentary about them. On the shore, the filmmakers left gifts: coconuts, a pig, dishes and a doll. But the Sentinelese were not hospitable, fired at the intruders from bows, injuring the operator. The guests had to sail on boats to a safe distance and observe the behavior of the islanders. They used the gifts in an unusual way: they buried the pig and the doll in the ground, but the coconuts and dishes, probably, they considered necessary, taking them with them.

In 2001, an attempt was made to rewrite the local population. However, the scribes behaved very carefully, observing the island from a decent distance. They were able to notice 21 men and 18 women, which, of course, does not give complete information about the size of the Sentinelese tribe.

In 2006, two Indian fishermen recklessly approached the coast of the island so close that they were killed by arrows. Moreover, the Sentinelians did not even allow the Indian police to take the corpses of the fishermen, as soon as a helicopter approached the island, it was fired upon from bows, the pilots did not dare to land.

It is known that local people are engaged in gathering, fishing and hunting. But whether they are familiar with agriculture, the question remains open. They also did not learn how to make fire, they use the fire obtained during a thunderstorm, keeping embers in earthenware.

Absolutely nothing is known about the language in which the Sentinelese communicate with each other. It was not even possible to establish a connection between their language and any language group. The local population prefers not to communicate with the newcomers, I immediately demonstrate my weapons - bows and spears. And they are excellent arrows, capable of hitting a person at a distance of up to 100 meters.

The Sentinelese tribe is mentioned in his notes by Marco Polo, an Italian traveler of the 13th century. He described them as the most bloodthirsty tribe he had ever seen. Perhaps that is why the islanders managed to maintain their independence, none of the European colonialists dared to enslave the Sentinelese.

Despite the fact that North Sentinel Island officially belongs to India, the country's government is in no hurry to declare its territorial claims. The islanders themselves are not eager to join modern culture, moreover, contacts with newcomers are fraught with the emergence of various epidemics on the island, which threaten the extinction of this unique people.