Interesting facts about the discovery of Alaska

The discovery and development of Alaska belongs to the Russian people. Alaska was discovered in 1732 by an expedition of seafarers headed by navigator Ivan Fedorov and geodesist Mikhail Gvozdev on the Gabriel ship. The area of ​​the peninsula is over one and a half million square kilometers.

In 1867, the tsarist government sold Alaska to the United States of America for 7 million 200 thousand dollars (11 million rubles in gold), or about a hryvnia per hectare. When Secretary of State William Seward bought Alaska, one of the most resource-rich regions in the world, he was accused of abuse of power and forced to resign. Newspapers called the acquisition "Seward's freezer ... .. Walrussia", and "Icebergia". Seward, however, insisted on his decision and named the country Alaska, which means "great country" in the Aleut language. For 70 years (from 1867 to 1936), the new owners took away from here, according to incomplete data, some furs for $ 300 million, gold - for $ 470 million and fish for more than a billion dollars.