New interesting facts about rivers

In the mountains of East Algeria, the water of the Hamam Meskutin hot spring contains sodium chloride - common table salt, and its temperature is 90-95 degrees. The population uses the source for cooking. The water in the Rio Vinegre, which flows through the territory of Colombia, is so acidic that fish cannot live in it and cannot be consumed for drinking. Scientists who were interested in this phenomenon found that the water of this river contains a fairly large percentage of acids. For every thousand parts of water, there are And parts of sulfuric and 9 parts of hydrochloric acid. The reason for such a high acidity of the water, apparently, is that there is an active volcano at the source of the river.

The cradle of the civilization of the ancient East - the high-water Nile has not been studied for many centuries, mankind did not know its origins. The problem of the watersheds of the main African rivers - the Nile, Congo and others - was solved by the Russian traveler V.V. Juncker, who had been in Africa for more than ten years.

Recently, most scholars have recognized a mountain spring near the city of Usumbura for the beginning of the Nile. It is almost 6, 700 kilometers from the mouth of the Nile.

The level of the Nile during seasonal floods, between July and December, rises at Aswan by 7.5 meters, and at Cairo by 4.5 meters.