Interesting facts about the caves

The largest karst cave in the world is Mammoth Cave near Louisville (USA). It includes 225 passages, 47 high domes, 23 deep pits (shafts). The total length of all passages of the cave is 240 kilometers, the height of the labyrinths in some places reaches tens of meters. The cave has underground rivers associated with the Green River. It is inhabited by blind crickets and spiders, and blind fish and crayfish live in reservoirs.

The Kungur Ice Cave in the Perm Region amazes with the sheer size, beauty of its grottoes and galleries.

The cave has 100 grottoes, 36 lakes, the largest of which is 200 square meters. By its fabulous beauty, the Kungur Ice Cave is one of the rarest in the world.

A rare natural attraction is the Bakharden cave in the Kopet-Dag mountains. It has Lake Kou-Ata with sulfuric water, which has a constant temperature of 37 degrees Celsius.

An interesting fact is that on the territory of Kazakhstan there is the deepest dry depression in our country Karagiye on the Mangyshlak peninsula and several mountain peaks surpassing Mont Blanc - the highest point of the European Alps.