Interesting facts about the continents

The highest continent of the globe is Antarctica. Its average height is 2, 200 meters, which is 2.5 times the average height of Asia. Due to the special atmospheric conditions, the Sun in Antarctica looks green at sunset.

Antarctica accounts for 90 percent of the ice on our planet. According to the calculations of polar explorers, in Antarctica, blizzards and drifting snow from each kilometer of the coastline are carried into the sea by the wind about 2 million tons of snow per year.

The modern area of ​​glaciation on our planet is 15 million 693 thousand 256 square kilometers. This means that the total area occupied only by glaciers is 10 percent of all land. 0.5 percent of the glaciated area falls on high mountains, 99.5 percent - on polar ice. Our planet's glaciers contain 21 million cubic kilometers of water. If all these glaciers melted, the sea level would rise by 50 meters. Only from melting ice in Antarctica coastal countries can suffer irreparable disaster.