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  1. Gibraltar is a British overseas territory. It is a small land area located in the south of the Iberian Peninsula, which includes the Rock of Gibraltar and the isthmus that connects it to the peninsula. The total area is just over 6 square kilometers, and 33, 000 inhabitants live here. The population density is one of the highest in the world - about 5, 000 people per square kilometer.
  2. Spain does not recognize the UK's right to this territory, believing that Gibraltar was illegally occupied in the 19th century. According to the Spanish side, only the fortified part of the city can belong to Britain, but the isthmus is simply captured by the British.
  3. The airport runway crosses the highway to Spain. Therefore, during takeoff or landing of the aircraft, the route is blocked by barriers on both sides. The traffic stops for a while, causing inconvenience to motorists.
  4. The local population speaks Yanito. This language is a peculiar mixture of English and Spanish, with significant influences from Italian, Arabic and Hebrew. At the same time, most of the Gibraltarians are fluent in English and Spanish.
  5. One of the main attractions of Gibraltar is the barbarian monkeys (magots). Here they are found in huge numbers in the wild. Moreover, there is a belief that Gibraltar will belong to Great Britain as long as at least one Magoth remains here. Since 1855, these animals have been under the protection of the British Navy. Magoth is even depicted on the Gibraltar 5 pence coin.
  6. But for tourists, these monkeys pose a certain danger: they can easily grab a phone, binoculars or a camera. And the most aggressive mogots are capable of biting those who try to grab them or even just stroke them.
  7. The total length of highways in Gibraltar is only 29 kilometers. At the same time, in contrast to Great Britain, the movement here is right-hand. True, to move around Gibraltar, you can do without transport, given the modest size of this territory. But the phone booths of Gibraltar are an exact copy of the English ones.
  8. There are no metros, trams or railways in Gibraltar. However, there is a small narrow-gauge railway here, but it is closed for passengers: it is used exclusively for military needs.
  9. Descendants of various peoples live here, therefore, the local cuisine has gathered in itself the traditions of many countries - Italy, England, Spain, and even India and China. There is no own agriculture in Gibraltar, almost all products have to be imported from other countries.
  10. Since the British influence in Gibraltar is immense, football is very popular here. There is even a team. She plays her home games at the Victoria Stadium, which has a capacity of only 5, 000 spectators. But, for tiny Gibraltar, this is quite enough.