Interesting facts about the state of Texas

  1. The US state of Texas is nearly 700, 000 square kilometers. This is more than the territory of any European state, with the exception of Russia. And in the United States, Texas is not the largest state, Alaska is almost three times larger.
  2. For a full nine years (from 1836 to 1845), Texas was an independent republic. Therefore, Texas was included in the United States as an independent state. In 2009, Governor Rick Perry recalled that Texas has the right to freely secede from the United States. He argued that in 1845 this right was stipulated in 1845.
  3. Previously, Texas was part of Mexico, but was later annexed to the United States as a result of one of the Mexican-American wars.
  4. In the minds of many, Texas is associated with cowboys. And cowboys, as you know, were engaged in cattle breeding. It is not surprising that it was in this state that two interesting laws were passed: it is forbidden to milk someone else's cow without the owner's permission and to paint on the cow with paint.
  5. Rodeo is an official sport in Texas. It was in this state, in the city of Pecos, that the first competitions took place in 1883. There are currently about 5, 000 members of the Rodeo Professionals Association. Despite the fact that the best rodeo masters receive substantial fees, a significant part of the money goes to medical treatment.
  6. In January 2018, scientists at the University of Texas announced that they had invented a pill to help fight obesity. At the same time, it does not matter at all how much food a person consumes. Such pills are simply necessary for Texas - 2/3 of the state's residents are overweight.
  7. El Paso, on the banks of the Rio Grande, is one of the safest cities in the United States. Just two miles away, on the opposite bank of the Rio Grande, is the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez, which is infamous for its incredibly high crime rate. In 2009 alone, 2635 people died from violent deaths here.
  8. Texas resident Mark Jordan holds the world record for pull-ups. In November 2014, he was able to pull up 4321 times per day, and was included in the Guinness Book of Records. The record holder himself, who turned 54, said that it is never too late to take care of your health. Before hitting the record, Mark Jordan trained hard for a year.
  9. As of January 1, 2016, Texas residents have been granted the right to carry arms freely. Any Texan who has completed the course and obtained a license can walk openly with a weapon, even in public places. Previously, a person who went out into the street with a weapon had to hide it from others.
  10. On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Now at the site of the tragedy, the Sixth Floor Museum is open; it is located in the building of the book warehouse, where the criminal Lee Harvey Oswald shot from. The museum contains a large number of documents related to the life and work of the former President of the United States.