The most unusual travel

On April 28, 2001, the American millionaire of Italian origin Dennis Tito set off on an unusual journey. If our compatriot Yuri Gagarin became the first person to visit space, then Tito was the first who managed to do this for his own money. The pleasure cost the space tourist $ 20 million. He spent 8 days in orbit, circumnavigating our planet 128 times during this time. It should be added that Tito was no longer young at that time, he was 61 years old. The example turned out to be contagious, several more people visited space, who expressed their willingness to pay for the flight.

Would you like to see the Titanic sunken in 1912 with your own eyes? It seems that next year it will be possible, it would be money. Two British travel agencies, Blue Marble Private and The Bluefish, have announced their readiness to organize the delivery of tourists to the wreck of the legendary ship since 2019. Customers will be able to dive in a bathyscaphe to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, where the Titanic lies. The cost of travel for these companies differs significantly: Blue Marble Private estimated its services at 105 thousand dollars, The Bluefish - almost half the price. At the same time, potential customers are warned that time is running out. In 20 years, the wreckage of the Titanic will completely collapse.

As you can see, such trips are not for everyone. They require serious money. But, you can think of something more "budgetary", but no less exciting. As, for example, did the French baker from Arcachon, Sylvan Dornon, who in 1891 decided to walk on stilts from Paris to Moscow. The brave traveler covered the distance of 2800 kilometers in 58 days.

Yuri Shumitsky, a journalist from Vladivostok, dreamed of attending the 1980 Olympic Games, which were held in Moscow. He went to the capital in advance - a year before the opening of the Olympics, as he decided to overcome this entire path on foot. On average, he covered 40 km in one day. True, the route of Yuri Shumitsky did not end in Moscow. Having visited the Games, he decided to "walk" to Kaliningrad.

In 1928-1931. Gleb Travin, a native of the Pskov province, went on a bicycle along the entire border of the Soviet Union. During this time, he covered about 85, 000 kilometers, and, moreover, almost half of the way passed along the coast of the Arctic Ocean. Gleb Travin himself dreamed of traveling around the world, but at that time it was difficult to leave the USSR. Interesting fact: Travin recalled that on the way he met a walker from Primorye, who walked to Moscow with a whole bundle of complaints from fellow villagers. I handed them over to MI Kalinin and came back.

In 1978, preacher Kh. Mulikin went to the US President with a petition. It was a long way - from Texas to Washington. And this is more than 2, 500 kilometers. In addition, the preacher moved on all fours, thereby showing that the government makes slaves out of the people. Two years later, he reached the White House, but failed to get an appointment with the president.

American John Vogel, who worked at school for many years, once told his wife that he intends to drastically change his life and go on a bike trip from Alaska to southern Argentina. Relatives did not dare to let him go alone, therefore, his wife and two twin sons went on an extreme journey with him.