Why the Simenol Indians call themselves "the unconquered people"

Tribal Council of Elders 1865

The Seminole Indians belong to one of the groups of the Okonee tribe, which has inhabited the territory of the modern states of Georgia and Florida for a long time. The Seminoles themselves proudly call themselves the "Unconquered People", and they have every right to do so.

In the early 19th century, the Florida Peninsula became a bone of contention between the United States and Spain. In 1821, the Spaniards, who owned these territories, decided to sell Florida to the Americans. Moreover, a place with people living there. The Seminole were ordered to move to the center of the peninsula, to the most infertile soil. And in the early thirties of the nineteenth century, President Jackson decided to send the Indians to the Oklahoma State Reservation. Only the Seminole showed disobedience and began to prepare for war.

Their leader was Osceola, glorified by Mein Reed in the novel Osceola, Leader of the Seminole. True, some addition is required here - Osceola was not the leader. Rather, he can be called a military adviser to the leader of Mikanopi. In addition, Osceola was not even a purebred Indian, his mother was a mestizo, and his father was English. For three years, the young Osceola led the struggle of the Indians for their lands, but at the end of 1837 he was captured, and a few months later he died of malaria.

But even after that, the Seminoles did not stop their resistance. They avoided direct clashes with government forces, preferring the tactics of "guerrilla warfare". The only thing that the authorities managed to do was to convince several dozen Indians to move to the reservation for a monetary reward. And in 1842 the Seminoles were left alone. This war with the proud tribe was too costly for the government.

In 1854, another attempt was made to expel the tribe from their native land. But it was not crowned with success. The Seminole remained true to their tactics, leaving the villages when the military approached and launching surprise attacks on their camp.

In 1924, by decision of the US Congress, the Indians were granted citizenship. This decree significantly expanded the rights of the Indians, which the Seminoles decided to take advantage of. In 1947, they petitioned Congress for compensation for the lost land. In 1957, they went even further - at the tribal council they approved their own Constitution. And in 1963 they began to publish their own newspaper.

Since 1977, Florida Indians have received tax breaks and have begun to actively invest in the tobacco trade and gambling. All this allowed the Seminole to carry out social reforms in their tribe: a lot of money is spent on education and health care.

In 2006, the financial world was shocked by a message: the world famous Hard Rock Café was sold for a whopping $ 965 million. And the Seminole tribe became the buyer. Moreover, the new owners began to actively open their branches in Eastern Europe, including in Moscow.

At present, the number of the Seminole tribe is about 12, 000 people. They continue to call themselves "the unconquered people", because they were able to withstand the onslaught of one of the most powerful states in the world.