Interesting facts about Finland

An interesting fact from geography: Finland is called a Scandinavian country. Meanwhile, only a small northwestern part of Finland is located on the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Despite the fact that the country has two official languages, Swedish and Finnish, 90% of the population consider Finnish as their mother tongue. And the Swedes in the country are about 5%. Slightly over 1% are Russians.

The local population calls their country "Suomi", which translated into Russian means "Land of swamps".

To say that Finns are big sauna lovers is to say nothing. For 5 million inhabitants of Finland - 2 million saunas.

75% of the country's territory is covered with forests, and another 10% - with lakes. The population density in the country is one of the lowest in Europe - 16 people per square kilometer. At the same time, the average life expectancy for women is 83 years, and for men - 77 years.

The famous Finnish company Nokia was founded in 1865 by the mining engineer Frederic Idestam. But the interests of this company at that time were far from the production of telecommunications equipment - it was a small paper factory.

In Finland, a progressive tax has been introduced, the more a person earns, the more he pays to the state treasury. For the wealthiest residents of the state, the tax is more than 52%.

Traffic rules in Finland are very strict: for example, cyclists cannot ride without a helmet. And drivers who have violated the rules will not be able to agree with the inspector. Among those fined for speeding was even

Teemu Selanne is a hockey star who has played in the National Hockey League for many years. The level of citizens' confidence in the police is about 90%.

Despite the fact that coffee naturally does not grow in Finland, the people of this country are big fans of this drink. By the amount of coffee consumed per person, Finland is the leader in Europe. By the way, instant coffee is not popular among the Finns - they prefer grain coffee.

Finland is far from the warmest country in the world. And that's putting it mildly - a fourth of the state is located beyond the Arctic Circle. Nevertheless, about 8 million tourists visit Finland every year, which is more than the inhabitants of the country themselves.

Legendary Soviet cartoon "Well, wait!" in Finland it is prohibited, because the Hare, in the opinion of the Finns, is too cruel, because of him the Wolf constantly gets into unpleasant situations. However, the American Donald Duck is also banned due to immorality - he does not wear pants.

In Finland, at any time of the year, you can meet a person walking down the street with ski poles in hand. With this method of movement, the load is evenly distributed to all muscles, removing some of the load from the legs. Now "Nordic walking" has become popular in different countries of the world.

Finns are a musical people. It is not surprising that it was in this country that the world record for the performance of songs in karaoke was set. This musical marathon took place in the city of Kouvola and lasted more than 211 hours in a row.

The people of Finland are very hardworking. But they also know how to rest. The country has the longest vacation in Europe - 39 days.