Interesting facts about Malta

The state of Malta is located on seven islands, of which only three are inhabited: Malta, Gozo and Comino. You can get from one island to another only by sea, there are no bridges between the islands.

The population of Malta is just over 400, 000 people. Little, but the total territory of this island state is 316 square kilometers. It turns out that for every kilometer there are more than 1400 people; in terms of population density, Malta ranks 5th in the world.

The capital of Malta is the city of Valletta. The capital is home to about 6 thousand people, which is only 1.5 percent of the total population of the country. And the area of ​​this "metropolis" is 0.8 square kilometers.

You can get married in Malta only once and for life. In the country's legislation, the divorce procedure is simply not provided. Abortion is also illegal.

There are no rivers and lakes on the island, therefore, residents of Malta have to buy fresh water in stores. Even though the mains supply fresh water, it is not drinkable. Tourists often wonder why local wine in stores is much cheaper than ordinary water?

Since 2014, it has become possible to obtain citizenship of Malta through investments in the country's economy. Those who wish just need to make a "modest" contribution of 650, 000 euros.

The streets in Malta are very narrow. Due to this, the city streets are always gloomy, which allows you to escape from the scorching sun. By the way, house numbers are not always indicated; often plaques with the owner's surname are posted instead.

The Maltese are very musical, almost every inhabitant of the island plays some kind of musical instrument. And for children, attending a music school is almost a duty.

There is an interesting tradition in Malta: as a child turns one year old, a variety of objects are laid out in front of him. By what the kid has chosen, they determine his future profession. For example, if a child picks up a coin, he will be an entrepreneur, a book - a writer, and so on.

There is almost no crime in the country. The Maltese themselves, half-jokingly, half-seriously, explain this by the fact that the state is too small. The criminal will simply have nowhere to hide.

On many temples in Malta, you can see two clocks, and they show different times. Locals claim that the exact time is indicated for believers, but inaccurate in order to confuse evil spirits.

The Maltese are very fond of various competitions and competitions. In this case, it looks very strange that the athletes of Malta have been taking part in the Olympic Games since 1924, but have never been able to win at least one medal.