Interesting facts about Ireland

Ireland is a state located in Northern Europe on the island of the same name. The population of this small country is less than 5 million people, moreover, a quarter of them live in the capital - Dublin. The name of the city is translated as "black pond".

Interestingly, Ireland was part of the British Empire until 1919, but the Irish wanted freedom. After the declaration of independence and prolonged fighting with the British army on December 6, 1922, the Irish Free State was formed. The matter was not limited to this, and the radical Irish partisans (the Irish Republican Army) staged terrorist attacks on the territory of Great Britain until the beginning of the 21st century.

Ireland has long been famous for its beer. The annual consumption of the drink per capita is over 130 liters. According to this indicator, Ireland is second only to the Czech Republic. It is in Ireland that the oldest pub in Europe is located. It is called Shona's Bar, and this institution opened at the very beginning of the 10th century. By the way, smoking is prohibited in Irish bars.

It is impossible to find snakes in the wild in Ireland. According to legend, they were expelled from here by Saint Patrick - the patron saint of the island.

It is customary in schools in Ireland to wear green clothes on St. Patrick's Day. Pupils strictly monitor the observance of this tradition, the violator can be beaten.

The potato was introduced to Ireland at the end of the 16th century. It took root well in local soils and soon became the basis of the diet of the inhabitants of the island. It is with potatoes that one of the most tragic pages of the country's history is connected - in the middle of the 19th century, late blight destroyed the entire crop for several years. During this time, approximately 25 percent of the population died of hunger.

An orchestra from the Irish city of Cork is included in the Guinness Book of Records. The musicians were awarded this honor for playing with the same line-up for 57 years.

Most residents of the country have a strong negative attitude towards abortion. That is why they are prohibited by law in Ireland. An exception is possible only if the pregnancy threatens the mother's life.

Irish liqueur Baileys is known all over the world. More than 40 percent of all Irish milk is used to make it.

The Irish won the Eurovision Song Contest 7 times. No other country can boast of such success. True, the last victory was more than 20 years ago - in 1996 the singer Aimar Quinn won this prestigious competition.

The most common surname in Ireland is Murphy, which means "sailor". This is not surprising, since Ireland is an island state. There are currently about 1, 500 fishing vessels registered in Ireland.

On February 29, an Irish woman may be the first to propose to a man. Moreover, in case of refusal, he will be fined.

The Irish are avid dog breeders. It is not for nothing that statistics assert that there are more dogs in the country than people.

Dublin is home to the Guinness Brewery Museum. This is a seven-story building in the shape of a signature glass. Here you can not only learn a lot of interesting things from the history of this company, but also taste different sorts of Guinness beer

Geneticists have figured out why many Irish people have red hair. In their opinion, the red color is a reaction to a lack of sunlight. Moreover, about 50% of the Irish population, although they have light or dark hair, are carriers of the "red gene".