Interesting facts about Venice

Venice is a stunning and extraordinary city that has always attracted tourists. The city is unique in that it stands on the water. Have you ever thought about how people live there, because there is only one water around? And so a few facts about Venice and its inhabitants:

1. Venice is flooded mainly in November and December.

2. Once a week, mainly on Tuesdays, fresh vegetables are brought to the vegetable market in Piazzale Roma. Farmers bring them from the mainland.

3. The Venetians include not only those people who live in Venice, but also residents of neighboring islands (about 30 thousand people), and people living in the mainland suburb of Venice - Mestre.

Mestre is a very important financial center, the residents wanted to secede from Venice, but they were refused.

4. In November 2009, a group of townspeople from gathered and buried Venice. The fact is that the population of Venice has dropped sharply to 60, 000 people. A gondola with a coffin, covered with a Venetian flag, sailed across the Grand Canal to the palazzo where the administration sits. There was also a whole ceremony with funeral speeches.

5. There are not enough places for shops in Venice. Therefore, merchants and products sell on the street.

6. The most expensive real estate in Italy is Venice. There are the most expensive apartments and accommodation.

7. There are almost no public toilets in Venice.

8. Big discounts are offered to the Venetians in cafes, which causes discontent among tourists. Since residents of the city constantly go to the same cafes, they are therefore considered regular customers.

9. In Venice, people are buried on the island cemetery of San Michele. Periodically, every 7-10 years, the remains are exhumed and placed in a columbarium. This frees up space for others.

10. The number of gondoliers in Venice remains the same (425), regardless of whether the gondoliers retire or newcomers arrive at the guild.

11. There are only three fire boats in Venice. Do you think they have a lot of water and at least I don’t want a lei? Nothing like this. The use of sea water is allowed only in the most extreme cases, as salt erodes walls and spoils furniture.

12. The locals also love to use the IRIS system. It's very simple, if you have garbage or other rubbish that needs to be thrown away, you signal your problem via your cell phone or the Internet, and the city cleaning services come to you and clean everything up.

13. Venezuela is named after Venice. Travelers from Europe led by Amerigo Vespucci, seeing the houses of the Indians standing on stilts, immediately remembered Venice and named the country in her honor.

14. Venice goes under water. Therefore, it was rebuilt twice. Scientists predict that the city will be completely flooded by 2028.

15. Population of Venice - only 270, 4 thousand inhabitants.

16. The historical center is located on 118 islands of the Venetian lagoon, separated by 150 canals and channels, through which about 400 bridges are thrown.

17. On many old buildings in this city you can find the symbol of St. Mark in the form of a lion holding a book. If the book is open, then there was peacetime during the construction of the building in Venice. If closed, then Venice was at war.

18. The first ghetto appeared in Venice in the 16th century. The city authorities decided to settle all Jews on the island, where there was also a foundry, from the work of which deposits of slag remained. It is from the name of the slag in the Venetian language ("gheto"), according to the most common version, that the place of zoning of the Jews got its name.

19. Venice is visited annually by 18 million people, and 50 thousand tourists come here a day to fully immerse themselves in the charm of this city on the water.

20. There is no sewer in Venice! All waste is flushed down the canals twice a day with high tides, which explains the following interesting fact: there are only 20 professional plumbers in Venice!

21. Most of the houses are built on Russian larch piles. As you know, this tree almost does not deteriorate in water.

22. The famous lover Giacomo Casanova, the traveler Marco Polo and the composer Antonio Vivaldi were born in Venice.

Flooding of Venice 2012.