Interesting facts about Monaco

Monaco, or the Principality of Monaco, is a city-state on the Mediterranean coast. It is located on the southern coast of France near the Italian border. It is a very small town that has been ruled by the Grimaldi family since 1297 AD. In 2005, a new monarch, Albert II, ascended the throne. Monaco is the second largest country in the world (after the Vatican) and the second most populous country in Europe. It borders France on three sides by land and on the Mediterranean on the fourth.

Monaco was founded in 1215 as a colony of Genoa. Monaco is from the Greek Monoikos, which roughly translates as "Single House". In 1297, Francesco Grimaldi captured the fort that defended Monaco. During the siege, he wore monastic clothing. Interestingly the Italian word for monk also sounds like Monaco. The Grimaldi lost their holdings in 1793 when the French took over Monaco. However, they returned to power in 1861, when Monaco was officially recognized as an independent state. Do you know these interesting facts about Monaco:

In 1993, the Principality of Monaco became a member of the United Nations, with full voting rights.

The total area of ​​Monaco is only about 2 square kilometers with a population of 30, 586 people.

The city-state of Monaco does not levy taxes on personal income, making it a haven for entrepreneurs. Monaco citizens have not paid taxes since 1870.

Interesting fact Monaco citizens are not allowed to gamble or visit casinos.

About 33, 000 people live in Monaco, of which 9, 000 are indigenous and over 20, 000 are newcomers.

Monaco does not have a navy or air force. The number of the army is just over 100 people.

Interestingly that in Monaco, a Formula 1 racetrack runs through the city streets.

Monaco has the highest number of police officers per person in the world, 500 police officers per 33, 000 people.

France is responsible for protecting Monaco if it comes under attack from another people.