The oldest oak trees in the world

Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov called oaks “the watch of the century”. The image of a mighty oak evokes ideas of strength, power and longevity. Oak trees-patriarchs survived to this day, their age is calculated not even in hundreds, but in thousands of years!

Palmer's oak, age ~ 13, 000 years.

In 2009, in North America, scientists discovered the oldest tree on earth. It turned out to be a Palmer oak (Quercus palmeri), whose age was estimated at 13, 000 years. It is a shrubby type of oak. Scientists made a conclusion about its age after they discovered that all the trees in the discovered population appeared as a result of asexual reproduction, that is, in fact, they can be considered one plant.

Mamvri oak, age ~ 5000 years.

Not far from the oldest city in Palestine - Hebron, there is a sacred tree of Christians - the Mamre oak (it is also called the Palestinian Oak, Abraham's Oak). According to the Bible, near him Abraham received God's revelation about the Holy Trinity. This oak tree is believed to be about 5, 000 years old! It is known from the legends of Christians, Jews and Muslims, which speak of the Mamre oak forest. Actually, the Mamre oak is all that remains of this oak forest.

According to Orthodox tradition, as long as the Palestinian oak is alive, there will be no end of the world. Alas, the oak is already dead! It happened ... in 1997 (the last time a green leaf was seen on it was in 1996). The death of the oak was brought closer by the pilgrims, who mercilessly ripped off the bark and branches from it as a keepsake, as a talisman. But in 1998, a young shoot appeared near the trunk of the withered patriarch! Now its height is already 20 cm.

The Russian forester F. Medvedev reported in 1899 that in the Ardennes (France) in 1824 woodcutters cut down a giant oak tree and found fragments of sacrificial vessels and coins of Samkit minting in a huge hollow. The French botanist Decandol, after a series of measurements and calculations, determined that the oak is 2400 years old. Archaeologists have confirmed that the items found in the oak date back to the time of the invasion of the barbarians.

Until recently, in another French city, Saint, one of the oldest oak trees in Europe grew. Its crown rose to a height of 20 meters, and the trunk circumference reached 9 meters. According to legend, Caesar's warriors were resting in its shadow after a difficult campaign. It is believed that the age of the oak reached 1800-2000 years.

Stelmuzhsky oak, age ~ 2000 years.

The oldest oak tree in Europe grows in the east of Lithuania, near the village of Stelmuzh. They call him that - "Stelmuzhsky old man". Dendrologists have determined that it is about 2, 000 years old. The diameter of its trunk is 2.7 meters, and the crown reaches a height of 25 meters. "Stelmuzhsky Oak" was taken under state protection back in 1960. There was a huge hollow in its trunk, where several people could fit. It threatened the destruction of the tree. The hollow was thoroughly cleaned of dust (it took several dump truck trips to remove it), then disinfected and all the holes were “darned” with copper sheets.

In Armenia, on the slope of Mount Dur-Sar near the village of Lower Aghdan, in 1974 an oak tree, which was more than 1520 years old, died of old age. The circumference of its trunk at the base was 10 meters. According to legend, it was planted by the famous Armenian commander Vardan Mamikotyan after the victory over the Persian troops in 451 or 449 AD.

Grunwald oak, 800 years old

In the city of Ladushkin, Kaliningrad region, lives a witness of the great battle of the Teutonic Order crusaders with the Polish and Russian-Lithuanian troops in 1410 - "Grunwald Oak". It is over 800 years old.

Zaporizhzhya oak, 750 years old (photo from the 1970s)

On the Dnieper island of Khortytsya "Zaporizhzhya Oak" grows - the patriarch of the oaks of Ukraine, the National tree of Ukraine. According to legend, under this oak the Cossacks wrote a letter to the Turkish Sultan in 1676, and in 1648 Bohdan Khmelnitsky rested under it, calling on their Cossacks to be as strong and mighty as an oak. The height of the tree is 36 meters, the girth of the trunk is 6, 32 meters, and the diameter of the crown is 43 meters (it used to be 64 meters)! In 1953, they decided to determine the age of this giant. With difficulty they sawed off one of the branches, cut off a ring from it, polished and counted tree rings - there were 675 of them. However, experts in forestry claim that up to 25 years old oak grows very slowly and does not form tree rings. In this case, this symbol of the Zaporozhye Sich is already about 750 years old. Unfortunately this oak tree is dying.

Oak in Stuzica, 1300 years old

However, "Zaporizhzhya Oak" is a young man in comparison with the oldest oak in Ukraine, growing near the village of Stuzhytsya in Transcarpathia. It is about 1300 years old.