Interesting facts about oak

Oak belongs to the beech family and has more than 600 species. This sacred tree is revered by many peoples and personifies strength and longevity.

The most interesting facts about oak trees

  1. A mature oak tree consumes about 200 liters of water per day for normal growth. If there is enough moisture, the tree can grow up to 30 meters in height, and the trunk diameter of some giants exceeds 3.5 meters. Even when the tree stops growing in height, the thickness of the trunk continues to increase.
  2. Oak firewood is not cheap in Italy. The fact is that real Italian pizza is cooked only with them.
  3. Traditional healers recommend walking in the oak forests more often. This tree feeds a person with energy, gives strength and clarity of thought. Such "communication" is especially useful in the evening, after 6 pm, when the energy of the tree is most active.
  4. Oak is a long-lived tree. Some oak trees are over 1000 years old. Therefore, the spouses who have lived together for 80 years celebrate the Oak Wedding as confirmation that eternal love exists. In honor of such an event, it is customary to give gifts made of oak to the heroes of the day.
  5. Oak is often found on the coats of arms of countries and cities. For example, in our country, this tree adorns the coats of arms of such cities as Ostrov (Pskov region), as well as Tsivilsk and Shumerlya (both are part of the Republic of Chuvashia).

  6. The ink used for writing until the end of the 19th century was made from oak leaves. More precisely, from the growths on the leaves, which are called gall. Such growths are formed as a result of damage to the leaf by insects. The tree, trying to heal the damaged area, deposits a large amount of tannins on the walls of the gall. The juice from the galls was mixed with iron vitriol and glue was added. Such ink remained fresh for a long time.
  7. In 1703, Peter the Great declared the trees suitable for shipbuilding to be protected. They were allowed to be cut only for the construction of the fleet. Those who dared to violate the royal decree faced severe punishment. Moreover, the oak was protected especially strictly. If for the unauthorized felling of pine or larch there was a threat of a large fine or hard labor, then for an oak - the death penalty.
  8. Lovers' oak

    There is an oak tree in Germany, which has its own mailing address. According to the legend, in the 19th century, a forester lived in these places, who forbade his daughter to meet with her fiancé. Then the lovers began to communicate secretly, leaving notes in the hollow of an oak tree. Soon, the father, seeing that his prohibition did not apply, agreed to the marriage of his daughter with her chosen one. The wedding was celebrated under this very oak tree. A beautiful story made the oak a true legend. Those who wanted to find their half put notes in it. Over time, the tree was given a postal address: Bräutigamseiche, Dodauer Forst, 23701 Eutin. Now you can use the services of an unusual "marriage agency" from anywhere in the world.

  9. Bog oak is a unique material that nature has spent more than one century on. An oak tree that has lain in water for centuries is becoming fabulously expensive. It is used for the manufacture of luxury furniture, the price of which is simply astronomical. Suffice it to say that the cost of one cubic meter of bog oak is from $ 2, 000 and more. Moreover, the main reserves of this precious wood are concentrated in our country.
  10. All whiskeys and cognacs are aged in oak barrels. During production, each barrel is roasted on an open fire, this increases its strength several times, and also contributes to the release of aromatic elements, which, over time, give the drinks an exquisite taste.
  11. One day, gardeners noticed that the most expensive mushrooms - truffles are in symbiotic relationship with the roots of oak trees and therefore often grow in the vicinity of oak groves. In 1808, the Frenchman Joseph Talon planted acorns from wild oak trees, under which they found truffles. A few years later, truffles were also found under the roots of the grown oak trees. At the end of the 19th century, already 750 square kilometers were planted with truffle oak groves, and the harvest reached 1000 tons of truffles per year.
  12. Chapel oak

    In the French village of Allouville-Belfoss there is an ancient oak-chapel 16 meters high and 18 meters in diameter, its age is estimated at 1200 years. This is not only the oldest oak tree in France, but also a place of pilgrimage - in the hollow of a tree in 1669, two chapels were built: the Chapel of Our Lady of Peace and the Chapel of the Hermit. The unusual oak attracts up to 40, 000 visitors every year.

  13. Angel Oak

    In one of the US national parks (South Carolina, Charleston) there is a 1500-year-old giant oak called Angel Oak. Its height is 20 meters, the trunk diameter is 2.7 meters, and the longest branch is 27 meters. Angel Oak got its name from the last owners of the land on which it grew.

  14. In the old days, tanners used tannin to process hides from oak leaves and oak bark. The word tanning itself comes from the word oak.