Which oak owns its own land

The Americans, as always, distinguished themselves. Previously, they fought for equality between blacks and whites, men and women, and now they also took up the oaks. Oak in Athens (Georgia, USA) is the rightful owner of itself and the surrounding land to boot. This oak is the son and heir of the previous oak, which grew in the same place and received itself and the land as a gift. This is how it happened.

In 1890, William H. Jackson, who at that time owned land in Athens, decided to register the ownership of his beloved tree, which reminded him of his childhood, to himself. Jackson was a military man, he often left home and wanted nothing to happen to the oak tree. A legally self-owned tree, from an American point of view, will protect its own rights best. Jackson brought in a lawyer and made a deal to donate the oak and land he grew up on to this oak. Thus, the only tree in history that owns property appeared.

In 1942, the landowner oak fell, and an acorn from himself was planted in its place. The oak-son grew out of the acorn, which also received the property itself and the land already as the legal heir.