Where is the scapegoat monument

A unique monument was erected in the very center of the village of Kuibyshevo (Zaporozhye). Earlier, the "animal" was gathering dust at the scrap metal collection point, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

One goat's horn is broken - nothing to do with vandals, this is the author's idea. The monument to the "Scapegoat" was erected here recently, but before that he managed to visit different places.

It turned out that even under the USSR, this horned one was something like a rolling shameful banner. The goat was handed over to those collective farms that did not fulfill the milk yield norms. This is how, for several years, the banner of the "worst" traveled to 24 households. Who and when sculpted the goat, no one knows. About 30 years ago, the monument disappeared, and "surfaced" only now. By the way, the receiver of the scrap metal, where the sculpture was found, did not want to part with the goat for a long time. He gave up only when he learned that the ungulate would be installed in the central square.

The goat was cleaned, boiled, painted, put in order and perched on a pedestal. In addition, the ideological meaning was changed. Instead of a shameful symbol, it became a monument for those who had to answer for the sins of others, that is, to be a "scapegoat".